Monday, January 23, 2012

Me? Self Deprecating? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

I am Jack's red headed step child, a willing suitor for a beating from mine own two hands. If I were to describe myself with a pictorial, it would go something like this.....

It is not what I would like to do in my spare time but often times, it is exactly what I do to myself. Ergo, I have once again, decided to take part in the A to Z challenge for 2012. It will likely do one of two things: inspire me to keep moving on, on the blog scene or, cause me to jump ship and go quietly away.

See, I have been in a funk as of late. Personally, careererally?, bloggingly and spiritually. You name it, it's currently funkdified. It may have something to do with the crappy job market, as I have sent resumes to all four corners of the intrawebs and still find my ass, firmly implanted on this unchallenged chair, without a hint of result. Or maybe it has to do with my failures thus far, when speaking of my "freelance" career?. Whatever it is, it needs to move on so I can get back into the whole, "having a pulse" thing. For those of you that have commented, emailed, etc. They are not going unnoticed and I appreciate the support. I pray that this finds all of you well.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi !

Hey y'all. It's been a while. And by "while" I mean, like since just after the beginning of time, since I poked in with something. Over the past few weeks I have been looking for a job, running my daughter to school,  picking my daughter up from school, figuring out what to make my daughter for breakfast that she won't eat, running my daughter to and from school and begrudgingly playing the role of 'Ken' while my daughter plays 'Barbie', leaves me with *little time to post anything that would be up to hobbit snuff. But, as somebody from somewhere has said, "the show must go on" so, going on is what I must do.
* little time, defined more accurately: an excuse used by the motivationally challenged.

It would seem that I have more issues than I thought because, as I was reading the above paragraph, I swallowed some coffee and then made the mistake of looking down. There is nothing like hot coffee scalding the throat, only to have travel back out through the nasal orifices.
Moving on.
I have been trying my hand at some freelance work. Thus far, I have had mixed results. I'll share more about this after I am finished with what I am currently working on but for now, check out these little ditty's I have entered into contests over the past few weeks.

First up, Photoshop Cafe is currently holding a contest in which you are to create cover art for a blue ray DVD, and here is my entry:

Deviant Art held the "Seven Sins" contest, where an entrant designed a billboard, using one of the Seven Deadly Sins as a theme. They supplied stock art pictures to incorporate into the picture. (At least three needed to be used.) My entry is as follows:

I did not win anything, but it was fun to do.

And that, is my life in a nutshell, as of late.
I pray that this finds you all well.

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Year That Was.....The Bad.

Personally, 2011 brought on a little of everything. Some good, some bad and some downright ugly. But as with the passing of every day/year thus far, I remain perpendicular to the grave and made able to fight the good fight. It would be selfish of me to wish for a better year, so I won't. But, if one is out there, I will happily accept any invitation to take part.

* Please note, that the hobbit is fully aware that there were many more events in the world than what will be mentioned here, in this post. I am simply including events that I was overcome by. I mean in no way, to be offensive and am speaking on no one's behalf but my own. All photo's were found at Buzz Feed.

In 2011.....

The world watched as an earthquake ripped into Japan, measuring up around 9.0 on the Richter Scale, making it the largest quake recorded to hit Japan, EVER. The ensuing tsunami's caused by the quake made a horrible situation much worse, sending twenty four foot waves crashing into the coast. A nearby nuclear facility sustained damaged to it's reactors, causing the cores to crack and in turn, explode. The repercussions will likely be felt for some time.

Tornado's and flooding wreaked havoc in Missouri and Alabama, destroying everything in area's hardest hit. My father in law went to the area as part of a Missions group, and was awestruck at the amount of damage endured.

Ninety two people died in Oslo, Norway as a result of car bombs/shootings. Anders Breivik admitted to orchestrating these senseless and cowardly acts.

Notable people/mutants/unicumans kicked the proverbial bucket. Here are some of the more notable passing's..

Osama Bin Laden - Of the three listed here, I would imagine that Osama was public enemy number one, that is, until he was relieved from the burden of breathing in May. S.E.A.L. Team 6 made made sure of that.
Kim Jong-Il - Ding dong, as I have affectionately referred to him as, bought it on or around the 19th of December, to an apparent "heart attack." It just goes to show you, that even the blackest of hearts is no contest when comparing it to a well placed sniper round from a needle gun. (Conspiracy Theorists, Unite!)
Moammar Gadhafi - A thorn in the side of the U.S. for years, Moammar was handed a dirt nap (literally) by a group of freedom fighters that took matters into their own hands. It seems that even power mongering douche bags can take their role way too far, before falling at the hands of fellow countrymen that had had enough.
Jack Kevorkian - Doctor that placed assisted suicide in the limelight. Depending on your stance concerning the right/wrong nature of his 'practice'. It made the public examine whether or not assisted suicide was morally wrong.

Steve Jobs - Founder & CEO of Apple. Although at times, I poked fun at Steve Jobs, I was saddened by his passing. He was a pioneer of sorts and the things that he did not invent, were made better because of him.
Joe Frazier - Professional boxer who took part in some of the most memorable fights in heavyweight boxing history against Muhammad Ali & George Foreman. In fact, Frazier only lost four fights throughout his career: two times to Ali & two times to Foreman.
Andy Rooney - '60 Minutes' comment-er that shared his opinion on an array of topics towards the end of each show.
Dan Wheldon - Indy car driver that died during the final race of the season. A proponent in the fight to make racing safer, Mr. Wheldon left behind a wife and children. He was only 33.
Mario Poffo - A.K.A. Randy Macho Man Savage. W.W.F. wrestling superstar at the peak of the sports popularity and the original snapper of the Slim Jim.
Elizabeth Taylor - Legendary actress and hottie extraordinaire. I cannot tell you what all she had done that gained her an overwhelming popularity, but the only way that life could pass you by without your not hearing of her in one capacity or another, would be if you lived under a rock.

In summary, a whole truck load of bad juju took place and left a rather bleak picture of what may be coming if things don't change. There are happy stories that need be shared and I will do so on a future post, so as not to bore you for any longer needed.