Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Batch

Question 11 - What is the worst injury you have ever had? 
If you discount the ball cart to head incident as described previously for Question 14, I have led a fairly unscathed life. Now that I have said that, I will probably get mowed down by an airplane or mowed down by a rabid pack of jackelopes. I have been struck by a bottle rocket or two but there were never any physical scars left from that idiocy. Only trace amounts of mental anguish linger presently because I willfully participated in events that made it permissible for one to fire explosives at me in an attempt at fitting in with "the guys." I played soccer for twenty-plus years and while never having been diagnosed with sustaining broken toes, I am sure that I have. I will not show you so don't ask, but I describe my feet as being "Gremlin-ish" in nature. I am not a gremlin but if you dump New Castle down my throat after midnight, I multiply. Don't believe me? Ask my wife.

Question 18 - Show us a picture of something you own that is embarrassing! Clothes, furniture, car, etc.

Cleveland Browns, Tim Couch Jersey. I still have it, and I still wear it. Fact is, Tim Couch doesn't play for the Browns any longer, and hasn't since 2002'ish. I get harassed often. Don't worry Tim, I got your back!!!!

Question 20 - Write about the worst or best date you have ever been on.
I myself, have never been on a bad date but I'd imagine that (said) date would answer this question differently. Besides, I do not consider one night stands as being bad dates. They are more like, mistakes with perks. I have been on a few good dates, the latest being some eleven years ago and it is still going strong.

Question 21 - What are your thoughts on how the media portrays body image for young girls.
Being that I am a father to a six year old, beautiful little girl, I see this more clearly now, than I ever have in the past. Do I think that it is gross? Hell yes. My wife and I spent an inordinate amount of time reassuring our daughter that she is beautiful just the way she is. I would bitch slap any one of the "fathers" that allow their daughters to participate is shows like "Toddlers and Tiaras." You guys are douche bags. This brings to mind, the immortal words of Pos from De La Soul, "You are not even a man, so I don't deem it mandatory taking your pride."

Question 22 - What are 5 of your biggest pet peeves?
A. The news media. I cannot tell you how much disdain I hold for the news media. It is unhealthy, to be kind.
B. Crappy drivers. Some people should simply, not have a license to operate motorized vehicles, PERIOD. There are tens of thousands of cars on the road each day. It is my estimation that twenty percent of those cars are driven by to-do-well human beings. The remaining eighty percent of automobiles are being operated by want-to-be NASCAR drivers and teenagers that still believe that they are driving a go-cart around the col-de-sac.
C. Extremists of any kind. As people, we have the right to believe or disbelieve in things but when you begin taking up arms or arguing your believe in a malicious manner, you have gone too far. I do not have the right to tell someone that he/she is living life wrongly. It would be based solely on mine own opinion and mine own opinion may not work for someone else's circumstances or life view. I will share if asked to, but will normally opt to back away and keep what is mine, mine.
D. I would normally include snakes in this discussion but the enormous amount of spite that I hold for the devil spawn has already been established and well documented. I do not want to beat a dead horse. 
Okay, so I included snakes anyway. Sue me! Wait, I take that back. In today's climate, you could probably sue me and get something out of it.
E. When someone is asked to share their "5" biggest pet peeves and they answer using "A.B.C.D and E."


Al Penwasser said...

Crappy drivers?
You must live near Philly.

ib said...

Al, I actually do not live near Philly but I am only a hop, skip and a jump away from Chicago and their poor driving philosophy has tainted my otherwise, cope-able city. We get an unhealthy mix of Chicago and Michigan traffic.