Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ode To Dr. Suess

Nate Is Late 
(Unpublished Dr. Suess)

Mr. Nate please step right in.
Your late for our date,
tell me please tell me, 
where have you been?

Wait, do not tell me, 
I don't want to know,
let's play us a game,
let our past issues go.

Let us see, we shall see
what we are to play?
A game of tongue twisters
will brighten this
dark day.

What is a wonton? Oh what's
in the meat? Is it a cat, with a hat, that
once walked on two feet?
Or is it meat from a cow,
that we are consumin'?
That is ideal, but don't tell
if it once was a human.

I find it quite funny,
the words that we say.
Some sound the same,
but don't get spelled the same way.

Like won-ton, or won ton or one ton
so amusing.
Let's break it down so it's not
so confusing.

Sally ate won-tons or wait,
was it one-ton
it could have been one-ton of won-tons
all this thinking makes me want one.

maybe she wonaton of won-tons at work,
or got caught flinging her tons
at her friends, with a spork.

Who knows, oh really
who the hell cares,
did you know that ton-tons
have warm inside layers?

You question this, ask Luke,
you will surely see.
He knows cause he did it,
in Star Wars Part III.

And now, we've derailed,
this dinosaur train, I'll leave you with
this thought,
that proves your quite sane.

I have been asked
far too often, what goes on in my brain,
and there, you now have it
your thought process deemed,
rather plain.


Anonymous said...

That's deep stuff right there!

bruce said...

well played, sir.
well played.

Al Penwasser said...

I still do not like green eggs and ham
even though you're now dead now, Dr. Suess, you am.

ib said...

Lady, that's how I do, knowwhatimsayin?

BRUCE? BRUCE? for realz? Where have you been mister?

Al, shame on you sir, green eggs do rock sir, with ham on a side of green lamb chop sticks still suck sir.

Mynx said...

Oh I love this very much. You are truly an excellent poet sir.

That said, I am not sure I want to dwell on what is actually inside a wonton

Jennifer said...

Awesome. It is very worthy of its Dr Suessness. Good stuff my the Star Wars reference.

stacey said...

so flippin' awesome... i wanna write one of these.... can i publish yours on my site one day??? toooooooo cooooool!!!! :)