Friday, February 03, 2012

Let Love Rule.

This is wacky, I know. But it need be done. Two posts in three days. 

A great blogger buddy of mine has done a little something for me and I wanted to make mention of it.

Stacey at Nail Polish gave me the following bling.....

.....and I wanted to say thank you in a public format.

There are rules for excepting said bling and they are as follows:
1. Thank the giver.
2. State seven random facts about yourself.
3. Forward award to ten bloggers that I deem worthy and let them know bout it.

Stacey, I am thanking you here and would like to dedicate the ending video to you. (Not the topic of song, just the title and the fact that you do indeed, ROCK.

Thing One. I am a big "Cat In The Hat" fan.
Thing Two. I thing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will give birth to the anti-Christ if ever, the two were to  shag.(This of course, is only possible if J-Dawg hits it before he realizes that he prefers hot dogs over apple pie)
Thing Three. I hate the news media. That's right FOX News, I'm cyber looking at you.
Thing Four. I pee my pants a little when in the presence of a garter snake.
Thing Five. Watching Curious George is like free therapy for O.C.D. sufferers. The man with the yellow hat has hoarding/neatness issues.
Thing Six. I am very likely, the worlds most horrible gamer, but can't stop playing. I tend to run into a spray of bullets when everyone else is running away from it.
Thing Seven. I am addicted to hearing a southern woman say, "Key Lime Pie." My parents own property in Hot Springs, Arkansas and when we take our yearly vacation down there, I ask the waitress at every restaurant to rattle down the list of pies, just so I can hear them say, "key lime peyyye."


stacey said...

LOVE your seven random facts!
And, I have never before heard that song.... so fun!
Thanks so much! You deserve this award. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree the media is corrupt!! I know because I used to be a reporter!! Corrupt I tell ya!!

Al Penwasser said...

Wow, we're pretty close. I crap my pants when in the presence of a garden hose.

Mynx said...

I know how to make a key lime pie but I bet I don't sound the same saying it

I am sure the snake is pretty scared of you too. My son once had a baby lizard poop on him

Caitlin said...

Haha love your seven facts! And imagine me saying "key lime pie" now, because I've got a southern accent. ;) Congratulations on the award!