Thursday, December 08, 2011

Five Things I Think. 12-08-11

Thing One - The nightmare continues and I have come to the conclusion that B.A.C. and it's employee's are indeed, the devil and his army of darkness.
When In Doubt, Make Fun Of Stuff.

Thing Two - Anyone think that Facebook/Twitter are ridiculous? I admit, I was rather smitten with Facebook for a while. I was hell bent on growing my number of friends, so much so, that I befriended people that I didn't care much for/didn't care much for me in high school. I updated my status every few days. I joined groups like "I enjoy yelling at inanimate objects?" and "I'm addicted to Starbucks." I never "poked" anyone, thank the Lord, but I was poked. (Whatever the hell that means.) Initially, it was a cool idea, but as it became more popular, it became more intrusive and annoying. They started requiring personal information, changing the format, etc., so at that point, I raised my hands in the air and gave up. I rarely log on now a days and will likely wipe my account of the books.
I had a brief run in with Twitter, only because I wanted to follow a blog, and the only way to do so was through said service, but I only visited once and decided that I was not going to allow myself to tweet or be tweeted, as I found the thought of either to be (somewhat) uncomfortable.

Thing Three
November, echo, echo, delta.
Sierra, Oscar, mike, echo.
Charlie, Oscar, foxtrot, foxtrot, echo, echo.

Thing Four - The world is coming to an end and we all have front row seats.
RYAN SEACREST IS REPLACING MATT LAUER ON THE TODAY SHOW. I do not know much about the show, but I do know that Seacrest is a turd and I still get baffled when I hear of him being offered "popular" positions on prominent programs. He reminds me of Nick Lachey. Both are equally annoying and I have no idea where they came from, but I cannot stomach viewing (anything) that either of the two host.

Thing Five - To my loyal and lovable friends, here in blogger land, I want to say thank you for being tolerant of my verbal spewing's, pessimistic views, topical rambling's and beating the media horse to it's death. You truly are my enablers and I am grateful to have crossed paths with you. (I was going to to say 'crossed swords with you.', but that would have been just, too plain creepy and awkward for the dudes that tune in.)


Haven said...

::laughs:: So get some coffee already man haha, don't just join FB groups about it =)

Al Penwasser said...

Ryan Seacrest is going to the "Today Show"???? Oh what is to become of that cultural icon, "American Idol"?? Golly, I hope the very foundation of society remains intact following the loss of this great talent?
Whiskey Hotel Oscar
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo India November Golf
Charlie Alpha Romeo Echo Sierra?

Pearson Report said...

Hi Ib! How are you doing? - it's been a while.

Re Thing Two - I'm anti Facebook and Twitter. Good on you for seeing the light. I imagine in short order our camp will be the one filling up and the Facebook camp will soon be out of firewood!

Re Thing too!

Thing Four...ditto!

Thing Five - right back at you Ib - but I'm hoping the paths aren't crossed, but more parallel - that way we can still wave to each other, out here in cyber space.

Hugs my friend,


Pearson Report said...

Oh...I forgot to add...

I love the aviation alphabet!
It makes for lots of fun while driving!

Cheers, Jenny


stacey said...

(if you want to FB friend me of tweet me... send me your info!... ha! ... you have become my family's noted 'Male Voice of Nail Polish' ... :)
have a nice night, great as always to read you again! :)

Mynx said...

I tried Twitter, twice, did my head in. I have facebook which I do use.

Just finished my coffee, if I knew you wanted one, I would have got you one too.

ib said...

Sith, I have some joe and NEVER again will I peruse the groups on fb.

Al, yes, yes, I know. Prepare for calamity more horrible than your worst nightmare.

Jenny, I'm fine and I'm sorry. Life has pooped in my cocoa puffs so I am unable to post. I will try harder. And, I hope that you were not reading and texting while driving. That would garner a spank.

Stacey, if I was like, all into fb still, I would, but since it has lost it's appeal, I would be an evil doer and that is B.A.D. bad.

Mynx, you still can love, just send it to the care of.......kidding.

Danger Boy said...

Yeah, watching Nick Lachey host sing-off is funny. I have reduced wifefish to tears by moving a sock puppet in time with his head bob-shake-diagonal nod rhythms. It's like slow-motion Parkinson's.
Now, excuse me, I have to refill my coffee! Alpha Mike Foxtrot! (For those who don't know, it's an acronym...first two words are Adios Mother...)

ib said...

Danger, spoken like a true poet. Well done, lad. Well done.