Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Going Retro.

Growing up, I can remember having a thing for a few girls in school, but also knowing full well, that they were way out of my league. Nah, those girls went after the loud and arrogant turds that made their presence known by being douches. Lads like myself were looked over most times because it was/is not in our nature to be THAT guy. So, as the "real" girls chased down the turds, I let them be and set my sights on the big fish.

Fast forward to, like, now.

Stacey from Nail Polish is a blogger buddy of mine that, a month or so ago, with the help of her B.B.F. and another blogger buddy of mine, Jenny from Serendipity's Library, posted a list of their "Top 10 Hottest TV Show Guys."
This in itself, is understandable, as both are females and both like dudes, but what really tripped my trigger was their complete omission of me on said list. 

Now, I know that time has not been the kindest when it comes to my pieces parts, as displayed in the picture below, but come on.
What's Wrong With Me?
My face has not been able to tan as well as my pecs. The doctor told me that this is to be expected as a side effect of having undergone a second head transplant. 

After some time, and a hefty amount of schmoozing Stacey realized the error and kindly asked that I co post with her, highlighting "TVs 10 Hottest Chicks." So, I did.

And that, is what brought us to today. Upon completion of above post, Stacey thought up another good co post for the two of us to partake in. Top 10 Retro TV Chicks, and they are as follows:

Ladies first, 
And yes, these are Stacey's five. Not mine.
Farrah Fawcett - Charlie's Angels
Is there anyone ever on the planet who didn't fight to the death to be with her or to be her? I know I did. She caused more chick fights on the playground than I think anyone now could ever boast. Hot, hot HOT and always in on the criminal hunting action! Plus, whoelse's bootay would look so hot in bell bottoms? Just sayin'. Is there ever a doubt?

Barbara Eden - I Dream of Jeannie
Genie, I have a list of things I think I need blinked into reality. :) 
I don't want either of us to have to lift a finger if we don't have to.
Well, damn it, who doesn't want a Genie in a Bottle? I DO!!!!... and especially if she plays the whole 'honey, I'm a sex kitten' role and she's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to go beach combing this weekend. I need my bottle.

My next answer is an eternal question.Apparently.
 Because that's what it says when you google it.

Ginger or Mary Ann - Gilligan's Island
And that means it is real life. I love Ginger because of the glamour. It seems so few people really get glamour lately. She got it. On the other hand, there's Mary Ann. Initially.....not my type, BUT.....put her in that top with the little tie under the chest line and cute little shorts and my MY! What do you think???
The Hobbit Likes Pigtails. I <3 them, so very much.

Catherine Bach - The Dukes of Hazzard
'Nuff said. Really.

Suzanne Sommers - Three's Company
Warm, fresh, bubbly.
Kinda like hot fresh now. Sweet with cute hairdos.
We're not mentioning the thigh master right now.


Danica Mckellar
Winnie Cooper - The Wonder Years
Thenish | Nowish
Fred Savage. Oh, how I wanted to be him back then. Now, I want to punch him in the neck.

Tracy Gold
Carol Seaver - Growing Pains
Nowish | Thenish
Not A-typical crush material, but I was never one to follow the cool kids. I liked her snippiness.

Alyssa Milano
Sam Micelli - Who's The Boss?
Thenish | Nowish
Some things never change. It was there during the Who's The Boss? and Commando years, and it still burns strong today. She has aged well, agree?

Justine Bateman
Mallory Keaton - Family Ties
Thenish | Nowish
At the time, she was a tad older than I, which made her even cuter.

Staci Keenan
Nicole Bradford - My Two Dads
Thenish | Nowish
I didn't care much for the show, but Nicole was (oh so dreamy.)

So kids, there you have it. The Top 10 Hottest Retro Chicks. Be sure to befriend Stacey (and Jenny) as soon as possible and check out the previous posts. 


Al Penwasser said...

My luck, I'd have a genie in a bottle.
And she'd look like Helen Thomas.

Al Penwasser said...

Oh, BTW?
Mary Ann.
And, for good measure: Betty Rubble.

Mynx said...

But what about Mrs Howell? She was one classy lady lol

Jennifer said...

ib if we were doing a hottest guys in the blog world pick you would be number one! I also think it is kind of weird/cool that Stacey in I not only have similar taste in men but also in women!

MuMuGB said...

I miss Farah Fawcett. that's what retro is about! Am your latest follower -am a huge fan of Stacey and Jennifer!

Al Penwasser said...

Well, I wouldn't push Mrs. Howell out of bed for eating crackers [I look down at my lap], "Right, crackers?"
Oh, and cartoon Daphne instead of cartoon Velma. Movie Velma was pretty hot.
You can keep Scooby Do, though.

ib said...

Al, I'm with you here.

Al, Betty Rubble? I am a fan of Lady Jay, via G.I. Joe. If I was Sonic the Hedgehog, we be gettin' down, youknowwhatimsayin'?

Mynxy, who is Mrs Howell?

Jenny, yeah, yeah. I'll believe it if I see it. I'm not a vampire, so I would not expect to be included any way.

MuMu, Farah is retro, right along side of Daisy Duke. I am a huge fan of Jenny and Stacey also. You must as cool as them.

Al, who is Mrs. Powell? Daphne over either of the two, in my opinion.

becca said...

does it mean i'm old that I actually knew all these people you made some great choices.

ps sorry for the comment spam i'm trying to catch up

stacey said...

this was so much fun! i liked all your pics. glad you picked Justine, she was my number 6.

I agree with Jennifer about hottest guys in blog world.... no question!

I think maybe you and Jennifer and I should copost on hot chicks in movies, that would be fun. Looks like Jennifer and I would be fighting over the same ones, ha! :)

Jennifer, it is weird and cool that we have the same taste in men and women. Hm. I just don't even know what to say. Anyway, what fun!

Muriel.... ah! Farrah! Do you know I probably spent half of my youth trying to get my hair like hers.

Ok, wait, Habitual Hobbit... 'who is Mrs. Howell'? Are you way younger than me and I never even realized?

And, Daphne YES and ALWAYS. I mean, wait, ... what? Like that's even a question???


Fun fun fun times!
Thanks for posting with me!

ib said...

Becca, your not old, your experienced.

Stacey, I am 37, but never watched Gilligan's Island. (I'm ass-u-ming that this Howell lady was on Gilligan's Island.) I was into toon's such as GI Joe, He Man, Transformers and Mask.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Sooo much fun! I love this idea. It brings back memories :)

Poetry of the Day said...

lots of win today

Al Penwasser said...

Mrs. Thurston Howell III aka "Lovey" was indeed on Gilligans Island. I think the actress who played her is dead. As is Thurston Howell, played by Jim Backus. Who was also the voice of Mister Magoo.
I am now going to find a place to die like Edward G. Robinson in 'Soylent Green' (which, I am told, "is people!!").
Just so we're clear.....
Hot Velma from the movie (when she got all dolled up, but couldn't see worth a damn). Otherwise, Daphne all day, everyday.

stacey said...

Ok, SO true, Velma got hot in the movie for a bit, wasn't it when she was like possessed or whatever? hahaha.....

I really think a hot chicks in movies post is necessary now...


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Farrah Fawcet on a fekking skateboard?! That's brilliant!!!