Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fight The Power.

Okay, job work complete? Check.
Ohio State defeated Wisconsin? Check.
BLT consumed rather ravenously? Check.
Fantasy Football roster fine tuned? Che.....what the.....?

Stuff That Pisses Me Off

Some parents just DO NOT GET IT.
Just when you think that you have seen or heard it all, another ignorant jerk-off goes out and commits some un-explainable crime or some douche-canoe commits an act of idiocy, so ridiculously asinine, that it leaves you feeling pretty damn good about how your parents raised you. And no, I am not talking about Lady Gaga wearing dresses made of sustenance. (Dress made of meat and soon to be plastered all over the news, a dress made of lettuce.) Yeah, they may have messed up here and there, but seemed able to avoid that one BIG mistake that puts their picture on tabloids. I mean, I Have. Just ask my daughter. She has no truck with telling the world that daddy does dumb stuff. But, when you do something that garners the attention of Child Services and prompts them to remove your children from your home, it is very likely that you are doing it wrong. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Before the birth of my daughter, the wife and I had whittled down the list of possible names down to about three or four. Names like Isabella, Belle and Nico, just to name a few. Yeah, not very common, but normal for all intensive purposes. Never once, did I EVER utter attention getter's like Irma Grese or Gabby Gestapo. But apparently, the Campbells' train of thought is a tad off kilter. The couple, that resides in Jersey, felt it necessary to name their children Adolf Hitler, Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler (Which, by the way that I understand it, is the "female version" of Heinrich Himmler, who by the way, commanded the Nazi SS and was considered by some to be Hitlers right hand man.) Story Link

(The couple, who have been diagnosed as having multiple physical, as well as mental issues (no shit) insists that they are not racist, punk ass white bread crackers that know Mien Kampf by heart. They just wanted to give their children names that no other child would have.)

Well, I guess they suck-ceded there, but they ruined the lives of the three children in doing so.

I dedicate the following song to these idiots.


Anonymous said...

I understand the desire for your kid to have an unique name but not one that alienated them from the rest of the children. I saw some real winners when I was working in daycare but none beat the recent Gryfindor...apparently the parents were big Harry Potter fans. Some people are too stupid to have children.

Al Penwasser said...

I never thought any names would top "Blanket" Jackson, "Moon Unit" Zappa, and "Al" Penwasser.
But, mass murderers top that list.
"Douche Canoe." Love it. Gonna steal it.

Danger Boy said...

Definitely qualify as batshit fucking insane in my book. Also, I don't buy their story at all, you don't pick the Nazi theme three times for uniqueness without being a fucktard.

ib said...

Jewels, I agree. These children will forever be linked to this because of their idiot parents.

Al, Moon Unit Zappa is downright acceptable when compared to the aforementioned names. These two animals should be spayed & neutered. And yes, you can "steal" douche canoe, as I did the same. I cannot remember who I stole it from, but it was a blogger.

Danger, agreed. There are pictures of Nazi propaganda and the like in their home. These two dumb ass's should be dressed with parachutes and dropped smack dab in the middle South Central, L.A.