Friday, October 28, 2011

A Beautiful Mind?

1. I am not sure if N.....E.....ONE classifies this as "surprising," but the Kardashian/Humphries marriage is one of little bliss, ALREADY. It seems that it has been an unhappy nine hours of marriage, thus far. The following is not an exact quote, but rather, a version of it that I conjured up. 
\\ It's like, hard & stuff, because the we want, like, privacy & stuff, like, like normal new newlyweds get. //
I apologize for any emotional distress that this little bit of fact may
I imagine that the media, simply and wrongfully assumed, that you were cool with a camera installed in your master bedroom. And on your tour bus. Hotel lobby. Hotel room. Hallway to hotel room. Elevator that leads (to) the hallway, that leads to your hotel room. etc. etc. It was all an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Maybe, you should move to the moon. I doubt that there are many reporters that have the monetary means to fly there. Gas prices suck. I can't imagine how much a gallon of rocket fuel would set us normals back.

2. I hate big business. My soon-to-be ex employer. The asinine company that I send mortgage payments to and the company that charges $5 for a cup of Joe. And, to add to my angst, yahoo says that the one percenters are even more loaded than before. The rich get richer and the poor live in Indiana, I suppose. Or maybe, the fat cats eat the poor, and in turn, look like the chubbster to the right.

3. This, could be your child on fame.


4. Tired. Always tired. I do believe that I need to get more sleep. It is difficult for me to go to bed, but minutes after I lay down, I'm out. It's' the "going to bed" part that I have so much trouble with. I've asked my lady to hit me over the head with a tire iron upon arriving home after work, but she is just not all that into the idea of beating me to sleep. In a way, THAT in itself, is reassuring, somewhat.

5. Kids. They change, even the elite.
At left, picture of Ms. Klum is "pre-child bearing" and exhibits the supermodels beauty. The picture on the right, however, documents the effect of what having four children does to your mental health and could be used as a deterrent for aspiring mothers to be, that want to birth (more) than two children. I dub it, the "mental condom" if you will, and it's sole purpose?: Controlling population overflow by using fear tactics.

Heidi, before bearing four children.
Heidi, after bearing four children.

I must apologize for this bit of randomness, as it most likely makes no sense to you as to why I think about this stuff. If your looking for interesting thoughts by good people, visit Danger by clicking the word Danger.


Pearson Report said...

Hi Ib,

Great bit of randomness! Loved the Klum before and after - see even the "elite" get bit by and then!

As to the K/H marriage...can we even call it that - I'm more for calling it a very expensive publicity stunt with two very bad actors!

I'm with you on the big business hit - $5 for a cup of Joe is why I'm a stay-at-home coffee drinker! (I'm home schooled in the coffee world)

Oh, and regarding the "Tool" - my hammer and new drills would so not want to be lumped together with that "Tool" - no way!

Great post Ib!

Cheers, Jenny


Random Girl said...

You know I like random stuff.... especially your random stuff...

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Loved the random post and I so agree with you about big business and the rich fat cats......

ib said...

Jenny, thank you. I don't really know that much about Justin Beiber's career and what not, but I do know that every single time I see his mug, I can't help but to feel like punching him.

Randy, thank you. Random and me is like two peas in a pod. (Speaking in my best Forrest Gump impression.)

Jo, I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

stacey said...

ahahaha.... hilarious!
i think the mental condom is my favorite, but these are all great, random or not.