Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Things I Think, 10-20-11

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1. The picture above was taken shortly after an armed man walked into his ex wife's place of employment, a salon in Seal Beach, and opened fire on employees and patrons. In all, eight people lost their lives, including the suspects ex, and one person was wounded.

The question that I pose, is not so much the what, who, where, why and how of said happening, as that has no good answer. But why, as a society, do we flock to the scene of crap like this? Take for example, the mother on the left, that is spitting the (proverbial pooh) with a few fellow on lookers. Is knowing what happened, so important that you needed to drag your (tenish) year old daughter along with you? I guess that the yellow tape used to close the scene off and/or the forty or so law enforcement agents scurrying about was not enough to heighten your sense of caution. I see yellow tape and police, I am making a bee-line in the opposite direction. Especially if Sweetie Petey is with me. She will see enough of this junk. Why expose her to it so early? Just does not make sense.

2. Shouldn't Lady Gaga be on Tatooine, chained next to Jabba the Hutt or something?

3. Anybody miss Bill Clinton, as president? I think that he didn't do all that bad a job, if you take into account where we find ourselves today, as compared to twelve years ago. I am, by no means, a guru when it comes to political fodder, but it seems to me that his mistakes were not as epic as Dub's and/or Obama's.

4. Looking for employment is not gonna make the list of my top five, most favorite things to do. I dislike being trapped in a room with mouth breathing middle managers that ask questions about me, my future aspirations, etc.                                                                                                                                                              

5. Don't look now, but guess who is entering the search engine ring. Here's a hint.

 Still don't know, here is another hint...

Be well friends. Be well.


Jennifer said...

Will it be called "too legit to quit..... searching"? I am so bothered by people who stop and or gather at accidents , fires, disasters or crime scenes. Its freaking creepy. And if you bring your kids along to teach them how to enjoy the loss felt by others you are a giant jackass!

ib said...

Jenny, agreed. I think that it's as simple as this, most people no longer have a sympathetic bone in their body.