Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tagged & Beaten Into Submission By Revlon, Sort Of.

I have been tagged by a lacquer loving lass that hails from the Lonestar state, by way of Kansas, I think. I mean, I would only know something like (that) if I was the creepy stalker type, but I'm not. I'm more the stockher, type guy. Big difference. Err, this has started out, somewhat odd. Let's change the subject, dig?
After that derailment, some of you may be asking yourselves questions like, Why? What? Where? Is he going to enjoy prison? Or maybe, you just want to find out who this lovely lady is, that I speak so highly of.

Her name is Stacey. Her blog is Nail Polish. She was asked to reveal her Seven Deadly Links, and in doing so, she tagged me, as it was a prerequisite of being tagged, herself. I suggest that if, by chance, you have not already done so, click the link to her site and join her menagerie. Just don't stalk her, because this hobbit will become fowl foul if another moves in on my territory moves in, and steals her heart.
So, without further ado,

The color scheme for this number seven kind of makes the whole "7 Deadly" thing seem much less dramatic, you agree?

My Most Beautiful Post: My Angel (Sappy Dad Story)
Easy cheesy. (Yeah, I went there.)

My Most Popular Post: Centennial Achievement
Go figure. It also happens to showcase guest posts from Jenny at The Pearson Report and Mynx at Dribble.

My Most Controversial Post: A Question To Half Ponder

I do not think that any of my posts have raised many disapproving eyebrows but if I have to pick one, this is it. The world today seems mostly secular, as religious extremists of all denominations have soured many peoples willingness to believe in an omnipotent being. 

My Most Helpful Post: Quick Plea
I chose this one because of it's intent. It will likely not make much of a difference but I felt that, on the off chance that it could aid in finding Lauren or catch the attention of someone with pertinent information regarding the case, it couldn't hurt to put it out there. I know that if I was in this situation, as a parent, I would appreciate every bit of exposure that I could get.

A Post Whose Success Surprises Me: For All You Computer Nerds
This is my second most commented on post, beat out only by Centennial Achievement. That should sum up what the people think, when pertaining to this blog. I think that I will have more guests post and start asking more stupid questions that need not be asked/answered.

A Post that Didn't Get the Success it Deserved: Dave & Defeating Doubt
No comments. Very few, if any, views, reads, blah, blah, blah.

The Post I am Most Proud of: Lucille
I just like the flow of it, I guess. Something about the "blues" scene, just grabs me. And besides, who doesn't love them some B.B. King?


stacey said...

I stand corrected! I did not know about Stalkers vs. Stockhers.
You're funny!!!! I'm so glad you took the challenge. I didn't know about your blog yet for all these and can't wait to read them all!!!!!
Have a great weekend!
(Oh, and SO glad to see you posting again! I was starting to go into withdrawl!)

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Well now I have some reading to do well that is if my grandson will stop climbing all over me and stop asking me to do stuff for him

ib said...

Stacey, thank you. You don't need to go back and read them. You may find that you are better off, not knowing any more than you already do. Sorry about the withdrawl scare. I have that effect on the ladies, NOT.

Jo-Anne, you know, as well as I do that you enjoy your grandson jumping all over you. My dad would say the same thing.

stacey said...

yes you do seem to have
that effect on the ladies....
I will read and can't wait!!!!

always fun and always thanks for sharing!

stacey said...

It was fun!
Thanks for accepting the tag!