Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor Day, My %@#

All those that have to "work" during the 'entire' Labor Day weekend, say I.

" EYE "

Okay, trust me, it is not what I would have planned on doing, but I guess that it is what it is, and what it is, is a paycheck. Nevertheless, I don't have to like it, regardless of the fact, that it holds 'significant' monetary importance to my family. And, to make matters worse, it is the same Gestapo company, that four short weeks ago, informed my group via conference call, that our services would no longer be needed. Although we have not been given a firm departure date, it is likely going to fall somewheres during the middle of November. There is nothing more awesomer than being told that you were getting the boot, a week or two before the holiday season begins. Awesome. Thanks. You are too kind. Monkey's But, I am not bitter.

Moving on........

If you happened upon the last post, you will remember that I was tagged and asked to share my Seven Deadly Links with you all. So, I did, but I forgot to do the whole "follow the rules" thing and tag others.
So, I will do it now.

Dafeenah at Dafeenah
Beauty from Pain. I cannot describe Dafeenah any other way. Her posts are painful to read at times, but she radiates beauty throughout.

I'd like it if Ellen would post more frequently but I'll take what I can get. Interesting, is how I describe her writing style, and it is one that is all her own.

Al Penwasser at Penwasser Place
I would describe Mr. Penwassers' sense of humor as "corky" thus far, as I have only been following him for a month or so, but his Seven Deadliest has 'Classic' written all over it.

In her profile, she uses the word doppelganger. What is there not to like?

Lazarus at The LG Report
Laz speaks of himself in the third person, which The Habitual Hobbit appreciates, very much.

Want inspiration? Go and visit Shanda's blog. She has a turtle named Tony. She is a Missionary and exudes a quiet confidence.

So there, it is done. Six more people for you to follow. So, go now and begone, (after viewing Adele, that is.)
Adele, a feverishly talented artist will take us out. Haven't heard her? The planet that you have been living on will thank you when you return to it and share her music with it.


Shanda said...

I looked through all these blog and have to say that I feel honored to be listed among them!!! And humbled. So...thank you! Hope you have a great labor day, although I know you wish you were laboring!

Pearson Report said...

Ib - First, the music video was truly goose bump awesome.

Second - I know Al and he will rock your Seven Deadly Links. I will look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Your own selection was great too - good job.

Now, on to the others on your list...I how have some reading to do. Since you have recommended them so highly I will drop by and check them out. I always consider your recommendations and have not been disappointed.

Sorry to hear you had to work this weekend. I'm self employed and work on many stat holidays, but this one just happened to be free! Lucky me - I spent the day with my daughter (still gives me grief and she's twenty-four...see lot's to look forward to).

Well, off I go blog hopping!

Big Hugs, Jenny

MuMuGB said...

Hi there! I found you through Stacey's blog and I love your style. I am your latest follower. I already know Shanda's blog so I am about to check the other ones!

Al Penwasser said...

Will do! Thanks!

ib said...

Shanda, thank YOU. I should not complain about having to work, considering the climate that we are in currently.

Jenny, thanks for being such an awesome friend. If I (n)ever become famous, you can always lay claim to having a hand in pushing me along.

MuMu, welcome and thank you. I have seen you around and have always meant to find your blog, but as you will find out, I have a few "memory issues", and often times forget who I am.

Al, thanks for taking part. I have no doubt that you will indeed, rock these questions, proverbial boat. Thanks for the follow also.

becca said...

first great choice of music and as for the blogs i love ms. Blase she is great so if you listed her among these blogs then i'm off to visit see you later :)

dbs said...

There's no one like Adele.

Mynx said...

Love the music and plenty of new blogs to check out.
Hope working wasn't too horrible and so sorry I am only popping in now. Hugs to you

Ms. Blasé said...

Dang, ib, I am so crappy about following through with these things that I'm shocked that anyone ever considers me anymore. Thank you!

And Adele is mega-awesome superb, by the way. And, yes, B.B. King is the man. Great choices!

Jenny said...

I got the day off...but it's my only official day this semester, since I'm only teaching Mondays and Wednesdays. It's kind of odd how these holidays aren't really celebrated anymore. Half the people still have to work, and the other half just treat it as an long weekend.

stacey said...

I LOVE Adele!