Monday, September 12, 2011



I loath the word, in most instances that it is used. Just saying the word, makes me feel, uh, insecure. I would rather not admit to it, but it is an issue for many that deal with anxiety disorders like devil O.C.D. I question my abilities everyday.

Oh, what I would not give to be "normal", but as it turns out, I am not the only person in the world that questions themselves. There are a few others, and they have started a gang. While catching up on posts from others, I came across this really cool deal that Alex J. Cavanaugh has come up with called, Insecure Writers Support Group. I urge you to check this awesomeness out. The next prompt should be a pretty interesting one, Worst Movies Ever Blogfest. I will let Etan Wicknerd (Etan is my Alter Ego, for more on him, go here) have a go at this one, as he is less likely to hold his tongue.

I will be back soon, with a real post that is, as I will be returning to work on Wednesday. For those of you that are new to the hobbit, you will find that (Me at Work = Time to Post), as an impending layoff has lightened my workload and made for an abundance of monotony.

Be sure to visit Alex and sign up for Worst Movies Ever (Insecure Blogger Support Group next prompt)


stacey said...

what an awesome idea!
i don't usually feel insecure, but i have really bad anxiety thanks completely to a local PTA induced nervous breakdown a few years ago.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Insecure is not a feeling I get very often thankfully but I use to have really bad anxiety attacks but haven't done so in years thankfully...

Gabi said...

Cool idea!
I only recently realized how insecure I am. Ugh.

Mynx said...

I know insecurity. It sucks bigtime.
I just hate when those feelings of self doubt creep into my head and refuse to leave.
I just have to keep working on it

Jennifer said...

As a fellow sufferer of anxiety disorder....mine is panic disorder with a touch of OCD. I think this group sounds aweome. Stacey and I have our own little writing group but I may join this one as well.

ib said...

Stacey, damn PTA. I'll make them apologize.

Jo, anxiety attacks bite.

Gabi, you are not alone. Insecurity is "the new black" among people of our generation.

Mynx, plugging away is all you can do. Either that, or dope up on Ativan and chemically neutralize it. (Drugs are cool)

Jenny, I say you should do so. There is nothing better than OCD and anxiety issues. It's like a cocktail bomb of memories.

becca said...

i'm always insecure about everything especially my writing

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

So glad you joined the support group! The response from participans has been awesome. Everyone has benefitted from the connections.
Next post for the group is October 5!