Monday, August 08, 2011

Five Things I Think?

If I was offered a job to blog full time, I would do it. It's not that I think that I am spectacular at it, or even believe that I would amass great wealth. I just enjoy writing. The work days seem to be getting longer and I cannot (honestly) say that I am thrilled with my current plight. But, as the job market continues to become disturbingly scant, and the fact that I make decent monies right now, it is difficult to justify looking for something different. Please, don't get me wrong, I am appreciative of my employment and I am blessed to have what I have but, at the same time, I also want to feel as if what I am doing will make some sort of difference. Currently, I do not feel that I am, and it is breaking balls. So, if anyone has an open position that needs filled in the blog department, I could be your dope.

Seeing how, it has been two days since I wrote the above paragraph, and no offers have sailed my way, I figured I would, at least, add onto the back end of that wee bit of depression, with something a little more, lighthearted.


 Five Two Things I think. August 8, 2011

1. For the past few days, I have been noticing how "temporary", the things around me really are. In a few weeks, I will be watching my little girl walk out into the world of full time preschool and a thought dawned on me. One day, she will be walking out of our front door to tackle the world as an adult. One day, she will leave our home, to make her own..One day, she will no longer want me buzzing around. One day, I will no longer open my eyes upon waking, to find her precious face and beautiful brown eyes, burning a hole straight through me, demanding that I get out of bed, and get her morning glass of juice ready, so she can watch "Curious George" and "The Cat In The Hat".

2. I am tired of people. The planet has it's fair share of morons already, and they are multiplying at an unprecedented rate.

I owe you three more "things". Not that you need them, as you have likely acquired an ample amount of findings to form an airtight case as to why, reading this blog only adds to your anxiety.
I may lack drive, but I am not a quitter. I will finish this, just not tonight, as it has been brought to my attention that there is actual work that need be done, as I sit here, at work.

I often times, hear this song when I watch my little girl sleep. I bid you a good night.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be paid to blog full time! That would be heaven! Or to just be magically wealthy when I wake in the morning and able to quit my job and just write all day! ahhh...that's the dream anyway.

Hope you'll follow me over to my new site!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Well if you are not happy with the job you have look for another one just do not quit the one you have till you find something else.......

Children grow up so fast it may not seem like it at the time but one day you look at a tiny baby in your arms and think this is my baby's baby bloody hell my baby is a parent.......

Jennifer said...

My 19 year old daughter still wakes me up but the demand is for coffee instead of juice. I feel the same about people. I think its like I have a sixth sense. I don't see dead people.......I see jackasses.

Mynx said...

I remember watching my babies walk into school fo the first time. The little one didnt even want me to come to the class room "All good Mum" he said.
So many firsts since them and more to come. Celebrate each one of them, no matter if they make you feel a little sad. She will always be Daddy's little girl, nothing can change that. You will be proud, worried and incredibly happy as she achieves her goals.
She may not demand you give her juice, but she will ask you to hold her arm as she walks down the aisle. And I am sure, she will always have time for a cuppa with her ol dad.

Hugs to you darln

Diego Sousa said...

oh i wish i could blog full time, and get well paid for it!

becca said...

you mean you can make actual money blogging who knew i just thought i was here to annoy people with my opinions. must go check into this money thing

stacey said...

One is so sweet! I had that same thought this week when my Baby Girl had her first week of PreK. I cried all week thinking about it and imagining her going to college and.... sigh. So I haven't been around, I've had to drown my sorrows in alcohol.

Two. Agreed. The idiots and the assholes multiply faster than the rest of us. Go figure.