Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feeling A Little Twitchy Today.

I was thinking to myself today and had a thought. (Talk about redundancy)

Maybe I should give up the blogging business entirely and become a professional commenter. I feel that I am much wittier when adding my take in smaller bits and pieces. Anybody agree?

Something has me somewhat perplexed.
Until recently, I have never really felt the need to seek out affection, approval, etc. In elementary school, I was shy. I would often times, get anxious when recess approached because I knew that I would be asked to play kick ball. In high school, I was known as the "quiet kid." I was consumed with the sport of soccer and dedicated myself to it. During college, I became more outgoing liquid courage but still opted to take the long way around a crowd instead of busting through the middle. But recently, I checked the stats page-widget- thing, because I have noticed a sharp decline in activity and although I have not lost anybody, one could conclude that I am no longer duping readers into believing that I am indeed, cool.
So what gives?
Is everybody on holiday or, have I worn out my "welcome"?


The Empress said...

You are still cool. I've noticed activity has been down as well. Who knows how reliable the stats meter really is. Keep posting and commenting!

Mynx said...

Nothing can blow your confidence like the stats thingy. LEAVE IT ALONE.
Page visits are misleading and I reckon inaccurate.
We love you and are not going anywhere

And keep blogging. Please

Kingmush said...

Sorry for your decline ):

Diego Sousa said...

yeah! the movement on my blog also fell down!

don't know why

Danger Boy said...

It's down everywhere just now. Summer heat and such, winter cold in Aussie-land? Not sure...but I've definitely noticed.

ib said...

Okay, I guess I'll keep it up for now, but if it stays this way for another six hours, I'll call my doctor immediately.

stacey said...

I was on holiday, as you well know. no need to worry, amor. Keep blogging. Your words are priceless.

Jennifer said...

Hold on a second here you can't close down just yet I just gave you an award over on my blog. Mass amounts of people will soon be flooding your site.

M Pax said...

I had liquid courage in college, too. :D

The stats thing ... is weird. Blogger has so many glitches.

Keep blogging. It's summer. Lots of folks took breaks.

Laura Marcella said...

No worries! Other bloggers have mentioned the decline in blog hits and comments. I've definitely seen it, too. It's the summer and your blog buddies are on vacation and spending time with their kids and taking care of other obligations. There's always a sharp decline with blogging during the summer and around the holidays, so be ready for it again later this year.

Don't give up on your blogging! Keep posting and commenting and the followers and comments will come back to you. :)

Pearson Report said...

Dear ib,

Don't let the stats bring you down.
I always ask myself this question, "Why am I blogging?" and invariably I am brought back to the reason I started which was to have a place I could throw out stuff piling up in my head (a virtual garbage dump if you will).

It can be addictive seeing the Follower numbers rise adding pressure to post and keep them as followers.

But, for me anyway, I realize what really counts is why I am doing this...see above...and I post and take breaks when it suits me.

I have discovered a few blogs which I follow with enthusiasm and interest (yours is one of those) and then when time permits I read and comment and life goes on.

Ib, you are interesting and entertaining that’s why I’m here. You write from deep within and it reads true and real - that’s why I keep coming back.

You have a good, loyal following and if it matters to you we follow because we really like what you have to keep say it, keep writing, keep being witty and clever and even cute!

Takes breaks as you need them, post as your heart tells you and in the end the stats will mean nothing.

Look around you right now, what matters most is your lovely wife, your precious little daughter and all that is tangible and at arms length because it’s what is real.

This blogging world is an extension of you and a place to blow off the days steam - use it like that and have fun with it but don't let it bog you down with doubts and worries.

I personally have enjoyed you from the start and will continue to the end...and hopefully that's a long, long way off.

Recently I have been taking a much needed break myself - no real big reason...just stuff in my "real" world has priority and for now that's where I need to be.

I love to blog and I'll be back...but in the meantime I'm making the rounds and doing a little reading and commenting and that in itself is enough.

Take care my good cyber friend you've got my email address don't hesitate to drop a note, in the real world, if you need to.

Cheers, Jenny

Jennifer said...

I think its the end of the summer rush. People are trying to squeeze in every last minute of fun and frolic so they are not least thats what I am telling myself because the thought that I am not interesting any more is just too much to bear.