Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

I wanted to chime in to inform any concerned parties that I have not been dropped off in the middle of nowhere, hungover and wondering where I acquired an itchy rash. I am being lazy, but using the excuse that life has been hectic, so as to not lose followers, caused by inactivity. I am in the process of redefining the meaning of the word TOOL.
I plan on posting an actual "post" very soon, as I have happily returned to, yet another, seven day rotation, as my contract with an employer that shall remain nameless, specifies. Some of you may witness me, lampooning, on someone else's blog very soon, as I have been asked to contribute a bit of my idiocracy to a completely new and naive audience. So, I leave you now, with a song from Matisyahu. Enjoy !!!


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, itchy. I LOVE that song. It always makes me want to dance! I love his songs. Enjoy your Friday. :)

Mynx said...

guest blogging is awesome fun.
Have noticed you being a little quiet and so glad you dont have a rash.
Have a great day

becca said...

good to hear all is well and you are practicing the art of being lazy i have almost perfected it. love the music today. have a good one



feel better soon!

The Empress said...

I'm stopping by from Dribble, the lovely Mnyx sent me. Nice guest post over at her place. I'll definitely be stopping by to see what else you conjur up after resurfacing from your long work rotation.

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