Friday, July 15, 2011

Pimpin' Ain't Easy (Revisited)

Upon logging on this morning, I completed the usual routine.
Cup of Coffee? Check.
Be-a-Nate? Check.
Cup of Coffee? Check.
Que up Google? Check.
Send/Receive G mail? Check.
Skim over Hobbit? Check.
Comment? Ch........wait just one minute. 
What do we have here? It looks like Nemo & Dori have hooked (pun intended) a brother up.
To mine surprise, Hobbit Fan Extraordinaire Jenny, left this little ditty on the Pearson Report.

Seems that Jenny has a daughter, and her name is Courtney. And Courtney, is a mermaid. Seriously. If you don't believe me, click the following link. Underwater Tales

And, if you have followed this blog for any considerable amount of time, you may have read somewheres, in it's contents, my Jones for mermaids. Ariel? Darryl Hannah? Courtney?

As part of excepting, said award there are a few questions that need answering, so here goes.

Do I like to swim?
By swimming, do you mean flailing arms and legs violently while staying afloat, and somehow, moving from one side of the pool, to the other. Then, yes. My answer is yes. I am just not very "fluid", if you will, while in the drink.

Have I ever swam with dolphins?
No, but I would, if ever the chance would arise.

Do large bodies of water scare me?
Yes. Yes, they do. Examples of why.

You cannot see what is lurking near you and when in the "ocean", you become a possible source of sustenance for the above.

What is my favorite movie that features water?

If I could be any sea creature, what would I be?


Drake Sigar said...

Dolphins are kind of dicks. Flipper was the exception.

Pearson Report said...

Hmmm....Dolphins are kind of detectives (2nd definition of dick in the book) - then Flipper really was the exception - good call Drake! ;-) of greatness, Follower of the Tale…enjoy your Award - and thanks, sincerely, a big thanks - your are a great blogging pal and I’m tickled to be called Hobbit’s “fan extrordinaire” - tis true, I am!

Great post, loved the answers too!

Hugs, Jenny

Anonymous said...

I nearly shat my pants at the Jaws picture. I can swim like nobody's a pool! I do not do well with the ocean because I am incredibly, insanely, irrationally afraid of sharks. Some people think this is silly bit I am a bigger girl and I am sure I look seriously tasty...why tempt fate!? I also dislike fresh water because freaking bull sharks are swimming there to spawn and shit...not thanks! I dislike fish poop, fresh water lake smells, slime, ew ew ew. Give me a pool and I am a happy woman.

Haven said...


I hate large natural bodies of water. Not for the sharks. I do so love them. But the bitch tried to kill me once and I'm not gonna give her a second chance. GImme a pool anyday.

ib said...

Drake, dolphins are dope, dude. Decisively so. Dink around with a dolphin, you will definitely have to deal with it one day, dawg.

Number One, you are welcome. It is my honor to follow the Tale. Thank you.

Jewels, I am of the opinion that when people are dumb enough to venture into big blue, you are tempting an unfortunate end. I already know, before I go in, that to a hungry Great White, I look like a T-Bone steak.

ib said...

Haven, a shark, or a big body of water? There are two distinctively different reactions that I would have to each answer.

becca said...

congrats on the award and i totlly get your definition of swimming that's me

Mynx said...

totally with you on the shark thing. Not something I want to encounter.
Courtney's blog is lovely but what else would we expect from the delightful Jenny's daughter.

Congrats on the award sweets and well done on the answers

Anonymous said...

Good entry. I appreciate you for posting it. Keep up the fine blogging.

stacey said...

what a well deserved award!

Jessica Thompson said...

Great! Hit me back,

Shanda said...

That was cute!!!
I actually swam with dolphins once and it was beautiful yet scary.