Sunday, June 05, 2011

(Y) Stands For Yahoo Cares?

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As I have mentioned before, I detest most things news media related. In a world that sees it's share of dumb ass-idness, there is very little that escapes the attention of said media and therefore, we are inundated with news that is not newsworthy, at least to mine eyes and ears. Example, on Yahoo today, the "Trending Now" area is a quick glimpse of what is making noise presently round' the world. 

1. Selena Gomez, teen idol, "musician", etc., was forced to remove painted pink horses from her new video in an attempt to hush animal rights advocates that raised Cain about animal cruelty, and, I do not agree or disagree with either argument. Among those who made public statements bashing Gomez for the heinous act, was the "angelic "musician"" Pink, who was quoted as saying the following on her Twitter account.

"If there are any animal activists around Malibu - at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video. Shame... Artists should be more aware and responsible for their actions."

Really? This has been deemed trending and important? To (who)? I would like to know who needs to know about a sparring session between two talentless people that have made a mint by duping the public into buying their crap music. Yeah, they may be easy on the eyes for some. But I must confess, I would be willing to go door to door, Jay and Silent Bob style, for the opportunity to punch fans (of these people) in the ear. 

2. China is accusing the U.S. of launching a "Global Internet War." Seriously. I guess China could consider this as a sniper shot across the bow of their proverbial ship then. The Internet war is small and harmless when compared to (knowing) about the usage of lead based paint to decorate our children's toys and/or fronting hush money to curb reporting of the deadly assault that killed several college kids mourning the loss/peacefully protesting of Hu Yaobang, on Tienanmen Square back in 1989. After said killings, Chinese officials banned international news media from the country and filtered the internal media's reporting to "soften the blow." (Normally, I do not mind the media shutting face. I would prefer it.) The following song by System Of A Down is loosely related to this attack and how  governments worldwide attempt to throw dirt on top of injustices to save a little face.

3. Anything related to Justin Bieber's tattoo, "love life", "music", etc. 
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Drake Sigar said...

Yahoo is more of a gossip site than one for actual news.

becca said...

wow pink ponies ok my only comment is that if peope don't have something to complain about they are not happy