Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Jobs that incite Depression

10. Nursing

If I was to make a list such as this, I would have stuck nursing in the top five. But that's just me. In the field of medicine, you are dealing with people that are suffering from some kind of physical or mental impairment. It's a thankless job and patients are more prone to become cross because being in pain pisses most of us off. My wife and both of my sisters are trained in the health care profession. My wife worked in orthopedics. My sisters both work in a hospital environment, one being a respiratory therapist and the other, a nurse in the intensive care unit. The latter, works with critically ill patients AND their family on a daily basis. Not only would I suffer from mental breakdowns caused by watching patients pass on, I would also be unable to keep my foot from harshly entering the ass of know-it-all family members that happen to be visiting said patient.

9. Food Services Staff

I am going to leave this one alone. Kind of. The lunch lady that plopped food on my plate in elementary school still has me waking up during the dead of night, disoriented and begging my mommy to pack my lunch so I would not have to face that wretched woman. I contend, even still today, that classmates didn't "move far away." They were served as hamburgers on Fridays. She was such a savage.

8. Social Worker

Another no brainer.
Let me get this straight. Your responsibilities may include one or all of the following.
- Work with children that have been abandoned, beaten, etc.
- Confront "parents" of said child.
- Take children from their family and place them in foster care, if warranted.

7. Health care Workers
See #10.

6. Artists, Entertainers, Writers

Again, no brainer. Throughout history, many artists, philosophers, entertainers and writers have suffered from some form of mental illness, whether it be O.C.D., Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, Clinical Depression, etc. Vincent Van Gogh, Friedrich Nietzsche, Howard Hughes, * Many musicians have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Two that come to mind are Shannon Hoon, (Blind Melon) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). I would imagine that Shannon and Kurt suffered from more than depression alone, but I am no doctor.

5. Teachers

I agree with this one making the list, as teachers are asked to babysit children all day long, and if that isn't enough, they also have been charged with educating our little monsters. I couldn't teach, for I have very little patience. I know what you are thinking. Your are thinking, "but, your a dad." Yes, I am, and I am working on patience. One is okay. Twenty in the same room would put me in a wooden box.

4. Administrative Support Staff

This is no surprise, as administrative staff are surrounded by company brass all day, everyday. I know that painting C.E.O.'s and the like with the same brush is wrong, and I know that there are good men and women who own business's that truly do care for and respect their employees. I just haven't met many. 

3. Maintenance & Grounds Workers

This one surprised me, as I would not have even thought of this field as one that was considered to be a breeding ground for depression.

2. Financial Advisor & Accountant

Duh. Let's see here. They are responsible for investing peoples hard earned money into stocks, etc. and if said stock goes into the toilet, these gambles turn into issues that (will) affect peoples lives negatively. I don't even trust myself with my money, why would I trust someone else to mess with it?

1. Sales Representative

  One word people, Commission. If you sell, you get paid. But if you don't sell, "no soup for you."

So, as I have been leaving you all with music pertaining to the post, I will continue on with this. I am stealing this idea from Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. So I bring you,

Ben Folds performing Fred Jones Part II


Anonymous said...

I was never depressed because I was a teacher...just because I had depression. I cannot imagine some of those jobs though. When I decided to major in Psychology I considered a duel in Sociology but there is just NO way I could handle anything Social Work-ish. I have too much of a soft heart. As it was some of the psych work I've done breaks me. There is a lot out there that just brings you down. I think it's all in your outlook and how you handle stress.

Mynx said...

I thought about teaching once but then realised I dont like children much of the time.
Yes I have my own, they are mostly ok so eing a parent doesnt automatically mean you can tolerate other peoples children

ib said...

Jewels, I'm with you. If I were a social worker, it would be for a very short period of time because I would beat the "parents" into a pile of goo.

Mynx, I have hands full with my own stinker.

becca said...

1. nursing no been a patient way to long to know how they are treated not happening

2. Food Service been there done that no thank you

3. social worker nope i'd kill the adult that was abusing the child and be in trouble

4. writer and so faorth i could most likely handle as i love to wite entertainer not so much

5. teacher yea i could do that

6.the rest i have to say no to as well i have way to many issues