Friday, June 24, 2011

Epic Fail

First, I would like to extend congratulations to the twelve finalists competing for the honor of being chosen as Blogger Idol 2011. I gave it a whirl but, in the end, I got the boot.

If you auditioned for Blogger Idol and did not make the top twelve, copy and paste this badge on your blog. Display it with pride.
My plea for consideration to be chosen for the above contest is as follows.....

I b The Habitual Hobbit. I am trying out for Blogger Idol 2011. I am able to follow directions, although, I would rather not. I am not considered likable by any stretch of the imagination but I can be if given incentive to be. Friends find me funny, albeit, a touch odd. Family refers to me as being the "oops baby." Acquaintances would rather not be and strangers are thrilled to be. I am crotchety, bull headed, opinionated, medicated and unmotivated. I am obsessive, compulsive, repulsive and impulsive. My blog is kind of cool, where in the background, you will find a self portrait of my head, kind of. It's dark, spooky and all together kooky. I have some minions but I cannot overthrow the government unless I acquire more. The general public will most likely, NOT like me, but they will come back. I am the proverbial "train wreck." You don't like to look at the carnage and you feel embarrassed when you are caught, but your curiosity always gets the best of you, and you slow the car for a look see, just cuz'. I am a fan of the ninja and Kung-Fu Panda's. I have had a crush on Ariel (The Little Mermaid) since my sisters made her the theme of my twenty fifth birthday. I agree with two things, the first being that there is "More Than Meets the Eye," when speaking of Transformers and secondly, that we did not come to life by way of some big ass explosion. We were created on purpose, for a purpose. I am worthy of being "Blogger Idol 2011" because I am. I am not cocky, I am confident. I am confident that this self portrayal will be deleted before it is even read, because IT.......IS.......THAT.......GOOD BORING. 
Where did I go wrong? 
Was it the "big ass explosion" comment?
Was I being too self deprecating?
Is my blog that bad?

I offended people by admitting to having had a Jones for a cartooned mermaid, but that can't be held against me, mermaid's are real, I tell you. 

Have you ever seen/heard of the movie "Splash?" Daryl Hannah walking around N.Y.C. butt naked ring a bell? If I were Tom Hanks, I would have allowed her to stay at my place too. So, she loosed her flukes in your bathtub. Who cares? That is a minor detail that could have been explained on the second date. 

Oops, I have gone way out of bounds here. I'll just go, before I say something that will bolster the notion, that I am indeed, full of poop.

I'll leave you now, with a cut by the band, Dispatch. Song is "Elias" It has nothing to do with this post but it is an awesome song that may aid in keeping some of you around. See ya.


Haven said...

Darryl Hannah was totally hot in Splash. Right there with ya ib!

Random Girl said...

I happened to like your entry, blog design, etc... If I was the only judge, you totally would have been in if that counts for anything! Keep doing what you do, I'll keep reading!

Anonymous said...

I like your comments :) I suppose I should (less eloquently) introduce myself...


HI. :D

See, I even added a smiley face. But don't feel bad about the Blogger Idol :) You auditioned and that's all that matter! I wouldn't even dare....