Saturday, June 11, 2011

(V) Stands For Victory. The End Is Nigh.

A to Z Complete (Or, will be after this)


Whaddayaknow? I would not have continued this had it not been for the constant badgering from the likes of Becca, Mynx and Jenny. Thank you ladies. Now, on to the show.
"What's your vector, Victor?"
That phrase has been immortalized. It has been included in a list of the top 100 best movie quotes ever. The entire  quote goes something like this.

Roger Murdock: Flight 2-0-9'er, you are cleared for take-off.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Tower voice: L.A. departure frequency, 123 point 9'er.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Victor Basta: Request vector, over.
Captain Oveur: What?
Tower voice: Flight 2-0-9'er cleared for vector 324.
Roger Murdock: We have clearance, Clarence.
Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over!
Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.
Tower voice: Over.
Captain Oveur: Roger.
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Tower voice: Roger, over!
Roger Murdock: What?
Captain Oveur: Huh?
Victor Basta: Who?

Quote above found on IMDb website.
And, it has nothing at all to do with this post except for the usage of the letter V, but I do think that it is funny so I threw it on here.

Todays post is the last of the A to Z Challenge for this hobbit, so the V represents VICTORY.
I know. It's only a month and half too late. Everybody else has been done with theirs, you say.
I say, bite me !!!
You say, your posts were horrible.
I say, yep.
You say, your blog is crap.
I say, no doubt about that but, I posted crap for all twenty six letters of the alphabet and had fun while doing so. I made a few new minions friends and managed to pay off entertain a few of them. I also learned that the majority of bloggers are much more talented than I, and to prove the theorem, I entered the Blogger Idol Contest.
I will leave you now with, what I feel is an extremely appropriate song for this most, anticlimactic of occasions. Enjoy.

No "one person" was stoned on any illegal drug during the recording of this video. Except, maybe the lady at approximately the 6:00 mark, and/or maybe the dude dancing on the left hand side of the screen.


Drake Sigar said...

They do like to badger.

Mynx said...

You blog is totally not crap. I love the way you did this in your own time.

Now join me in the 30 days of creativity (joking, although it is a whole lot of fun)

ib said...

Drake, they do indeed. But, I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it.

Mynx, thank you. Don't tempt me. I am in the spirit of the thirty day thing.

Pearson Report said...

Hey there ib...I'm resurfacing after escaping for a few glorious days in the Wild Wild West - aka The Cariboo!

You rocked it and finished - totally awesome!

Feels good, doesn't it? And...your posts were excellent, entertaining, and even educational! (how's that for overuse of our good friend "e"!)

And Mynx-y is right - and I will reiterate - your blog in NOT crap - anyone who even remotely thinks it's crap is crap themselves! So there!

Now...although it is just a wee bit too early to really raise a glass I'm pouring myself a spot of red and toasting you, my dear friend, (I'm going to assume we are dear friends now, okay!) and tell you that you are indeed a trooper - a right great guy!

Cheers, Jenny (clink, clink - gotta add sound!)

I'm looking forward to sitting back and doing a little reading, of your other posts, after this...there was no internet where I went - just fishing, swimming, know the stuff we all did BEFORE we got hardwired!

Mynx said...

come on, just a little know you want to hehe

becca said...

your blog is not crap it is very interesting and i adore it as well as you. love this post it was wonderful plus love the music totally rocked. well keep up the great writing and i'll see you on the flipside...hugs

Everyday Life

Arlee Bird said...

Late is okay. The most important thing is did you have fun? Hope so.

Tossing It Out

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