Tuesday, June 07, 2011

(Q) Stands For Qi (Chi) & Buddah Is Messin' With Mine.

A to Z Challenge Not Completed: X & V


Lately, I have been feeling a little out of the loop and in direct relation, my qi is a little, off. At times, blogging is damn tedious. The ebb and flow of followers, readers and comments is frustrating. Maybe for some, the whole follower thing is overrated, but in my  mind, it is one of the main reasons why I do this. I am a fan of interaction. I dig the back and forth banter that goes along with sharing your thoughts in a public forum such as this. So far, I have received nothing but respect and encouragement from all that have read/follow and it is much appreciated, but I can't help but to wonder if my  speaking of faith outwardly has brushed some "would be readers" away. I am not ashamed of this, but I know that the mere mentioning of said subject causes people to roll their eyes and think to themselves, "oh crap, he's one those religious quacks." I have been told as much by people that I now would consider to be close friends. My life, as it is, is an open book. I am a broken man underneath my earth suit and I am not so crass as to say otherwise.

Tonight, my wife and daughter and I are going to see Kung Fu Panda II. I may be even more excited than my daughter is, and she may very well pee her pants as we are walking up to the snack counter. I just hope that I am able to keep myself from wetting my own tighty whities. (I know, some of you may be repeating "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day" as a way to block any mental pictures that may be lurking, and I totally understand)

I also wanted to ask you all to click the Blogger Idol button on the top right. Your not voting or anything but if anyone is interested, it should be EPIC. I submitted my entry yesterday but I am sure that you need not worry about me, as my entry may get chucked just because.


Anonymous said...

I am positive that it won't get chucked! Now, it may not get picked but not immediately chucked! ;)

As for putting people off by talking about religion...yeah you might be but then they don't really belong as a follower here anyway. If somebody can't read what you write, even if they don't agree with it, and take it for what it is then they are pretty narrow minded and I wouldn't get too upset about losing them as a follower. Know what I mean?

For me I love the interaction too and being able to banter with people. Unfortunately having no computer access at work keeps me from responding in comments as often as I'd like. Anyway...keep the faith, keep sharing, and I'll keep reading.

becca said...

i am sure your post will not be chucked. as for talking about religion if they can't handle it they shouldn't be followers as for me i'm not very religious in fact i have many issue with the whole religion thing but just because i may not agree doesn't mean i don't respect your opinion and can't make a respectfuland objective opion. Anyways great post as alsways and as for Kung fu panda i would pee my pants in excitement to.

ib said...

Jewels, Becca, thank you both. I have not lost anyone but it feels as such. I should not worry about this trivial little things but I am a thinker, and I will think something into the ground.

Drake Sigar said...

Haven’t noticed any significant number of posts dedicated to faith, I’m sure even the most hateful atheist could stomach the odd one. Let us know how Kung Fu Panda 2 turns out! Had no idea it was being released this early.