Friday, May 20, 2011

(S) Stands For Snakes (Repost/Updated)

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Ophidiophobia, revisited

The Black Mamba
Dendroaspis Polylepis 

The Black Mamba is widly recognized by experts, as being the deadliest snake to inhabit our fine planet. Lucky for me, they are only found in Southern Africa. The mamba's venom is a combination of neuro/cardio-toxin that attacks the cardiovascular systems muscles. (i.e. your heart) and sends them into paralysis and eventually, cardiac arrest.
Awesome, huh?
It's toxin works quickly, making it possible to kill a full grown man in as little as twenty minutes. It all depends on how many times it hits and the potency of each dose. The fatality rate for a Mamba bite is 95% unless treated immediately with antivenin. So, if you are out tromping around the African jungle and get bit by a mamba, you better pray that there is a Walgreen's close by. Mamba's prefer to slither up a tree to avoid danger and will only strike if threatened, as they are fairly docile. That is, until you piss one off, then, this "docile" devil spawn gets an attitude, and does so quickly. It has the ability to raise over half of it's body off of the ground, which enables it to climb into a tree, but it also makes for a fairly decent warning sign that you are indeed, pissing it off.

 Mozambique Spitting Cobra
 Naja Mossambica

Not to be outdone, The Spitting Cobra, found in Mozambique, can go about administering it's venom one of two ways, by traditional means and by spitting.
Yes, you heard correctly.
It is able to spit it's venom in excess of 8 feet, aiming for the eyes to cause it's victim to become disoriented, so it can move in and apply a deadly strike via, fangs in skin. If by chance you encounter one of these little bastards, F.Y.I. It may feign death to avoid an initial danger, and then attack from behind.

Death Adder

Moving along, we come to the Death Adder, a sub species of pit viper. In the event that you find yourself having landed in Australia or New Guinea, be ninja like in your reaction if you come across an adder, as it has the fastest strike recorded, injecting full toxicity at 0.13 seconds. If untreated, an adder bite would likely kill an adult in six to ten hours. It's venom attacks the respiratory system, causing victim to suffocate, on account of not being able to breathe. (Paralysis of the lungs) A wonderful way to go. NOT
Western Taipan
Oxyuranus Microlepidotus


Haven said...

Pretty! I loves them all. From a distance. ::smiles::

becca said...

i'm currently having aheart attack as i through i'm terrified of snakes. next time give a girl warning

Anonymous said...

Cringed through this post and scrolled quickly through it so I have no idea what you actually said. Not a fan of snakes after having way too close a run in with a rattlesnake. No thank you! *shivers*

Drake Sigar said... - Snake Face

That is all.

Jumble Mash said...


ib said...

Haven, I could not disagree with you more. But, you are cool nonetheless. Nice tat.

Becca, warning is warranted and I will warn a sister on the next go around.

Jewels, I would normally be upset but I understand your haste. I pooped my pants a little while typing this thing out. All of these snakes are said to have the potency of twenty rattlesnakes. Just another tid bit to chew on.

Drake, good choice. I went into that worried. I thought that maybe, you were going to link to some anaconda eating the local tribesman or something.

Tress, congrats on the engagement. Shiver? More like, *faint*

becca said...

check my blog tomorrow left you something there. hugs

Mynx said...

Snakes are so cool. Just love them.
Ever see the pic of me and a snake around my neck. Definately not poisoness though

ib said...

Mynx, I've seen it and no thank you. The thought of a snake wrapped around any part of person makes me ill.