Saturday, May 28, 2011

(R) Stands For Rogue Erasure.

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Not Completed: L, Q, T, V, X, Y
I arrived on location promptly. There is no need to unpack, I travel light. In this business, you either live to fight another day or you lose everything. There are no ribbons, no medals, no "attaboy's". You may get a simple nod, or you get escorted around town in an empty wooden box. No one knows the man that rests behind the mask. Your loyalty knows no bounds.
I sit veiled in shadows, awaiting the slightest hint of movement. A flash from a light in the distance provokes a whirlwind of thought.

  Picture found on Wikipedia of a sniper in Ghille suit.

A vision of my daughter, coddling her newborn child, softly trails off into the night. The touch of moist lips kiss my cheek, as my wife whispered, "I love you." We sit in stillness until the silence is shattered by the voice of my mother, calling for me from our front yard a block away. I hurried home, washed my hands and sat with my sisters while dad prayed. The memory fades into another, of me sitting on dad's shoulders, watching my sisters scream by, arms held high as the coaster whipped past. A good man, my father. Fought on a beach somewhere overseas. Mama said that he went out to save us from tyranny.
A second flash thrusts me back into the present. "Hold it together", I say to myself.
The dirt road shows life, some eight hundred yards away. A party of body shields stumbles up out of the desert night sky, crouching, moving in a hurried walk. Eight eyes scanning for any hint of me. That's too bad. I'm good at what I do. At five hundred yards, I may need to scratch one or two of them out to make them think twice, before they continue to advance, but for now, I'll wait. The mark is about to pop over the horizon. One shot. One Kill. Make a B-Line to evac. The patriots will take care of the rest.

First jeep acquired. No mark.........

Second jeep acquired. No mark........

Third jeep, Mark acquired.........

"Mark is glowing white, permission to engage?"
"Chalk One engage, I repeat, Chalk One engage."
"Light em' up!!!!"

Take a deep breath.


Oppression upended.

This post is my attempt at saying Thank You to our servicemen and servicewomen that have stepped into harms way for this country. My father, my grandfathers and a few  good friends have served honorably, and for that, I am grateful. Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!


Drake Sigar said...

I'm still mad at you for botching that grenade. :P

ib said...

Drake, you must have me mistaken for someone else. Ninja's use sidewalk poppers and smoke bombs to disorient foes. Hmmmph, grenade, hmmmph.

Pearson Report said...

ib...that was amazing.

Outstanding Post!

Way to work the alphabet and what a way to pay tribute to family and friends that served.

A very chilling tale, told beautiful - very vivid.


Mynx said...

Brilliant. You had me captured to the very end. :)

becca said...

absolutely brilliant you had me held captive from the first word to the last. very well done

My Life

Maasiyat said...

simply amazing don't have words to say how awesome that was.

ib said...

Jenny, again, you make me all mushy with your commenting.

Mynx, thank you. I am happy that you enjoyed it.

Becca, thank you. I appreciate you stopping by.

Maas, thank you. I am dumbfounded that people liked it. I kind of made it up on the spot and in no way thought it would get so much as a peep.