Wednesday, May 04, 2011

(J) Stands For Jenny.

I continue on, scratching and clawing for tidbits that, when added together, form an entire post, but no such luck was to be had since whenever I posted last. So, I am just flying off of the top today. It could be good, it could bad, and, as I like to say, it can always get much worse. Besides, Jenny (Pearson Report) keeps shoving "positive reinforcement" down my throat, and being a man that is eaten alive liked by the ladies, I must push forward, if not for myself, for Jenny. So Jenny, I dedicate this post to you.

J is for Jenny

Cuz, dat's how I roll dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, has anyone ever met a person that is as dumb as this guy???????

I'll tell you what, this same job could be performed with a twenty foot pole and a wet/dry vacuum. If you listen close, you can hear me in the background screaming like a little girl. This dope will get what's coming to him, trust me. Karma is a bits. Dude jumps into a pit full of viper poop and VENOM FILLED DEVIL SPAWN.

That's it. I can't take it anymore. I have to go before I pee my pants.

And Jenny, may your day be a blessed one. You are a superstar.


becca said...

like seriously i do not do snakes that totally freaked me out

Anonymous said...

I won't even pretend to watch that video...I'm practically hyperventilating just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

that video had me cringing and watching through my fingers waiting for him to get tagged by one of those things! NO freaking way!

ib said...

Ladies, I could not agree more with you all. I cannot think of anything that would be more frightening than staring down a pissed off cobra, flaring it's hood, let alone, twenty pissed off cobra's flaring their a concrete death pool...... with no quick way out......and, wearing flip flops nonetheless.

Mynx said...

I was cheering for the snakes, I must admit. But then I do love them.
And Jenny is totally awesome and is the perfect letter J.

Random Girl said...

That.Is.Insanity! Really? That's what he does for a living? and all nonchalant like he is sweeping up after messy kids at Disney World? Whatever they pay him, it's NOT enough!

ib said...

Mynx, thank you. Jenny rules. Like you. Snakes bite. Literally.

Randy, dude is nuts. He does not even seem to acknowledge the little rat bastards.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Did the guy have to clean the cage because the maintenance robot wisely refused to clean up after the snakes? Yikes!

ib said...

Jeffrey, welcome to my little slice of bloggatory. And yes, anything, man or machine, that uses common sense when choosing employment, would unlikely agree to those working conditions.

I'll shoot over to your world and return the favor. You would do far better following any one of the blogs I follow, as they are much better than this.

Galen Pearl said...

If this is what you come up with when you are uninspired, then you are over the moon when you are!

Pearson Report said...

(which never happens)

Hey, ib, you made my day, thank you for dedicating the letter "J" to me - I'm really, really touched!

I'm so glad you never threw in the towel on this great blog of yours or the A-Z Challenge.

While I may be a little slow on the draw to visit - I do follow you and enjoy your writings - even if you doubt yourself!

I've had a house guest and have been busy helping my daughter with her mermaid tail therefore the "important" things in life - like reading my blogging buddies posts - fall by the wayside, but never for long.

Again, you ROCK - thanks so much for the recognition and for the dedication post.

Hugs, Jenny