Saturday, May 14, 2011

(M) Stands For Machine. (O) Stands For Obsessive.

Before anyone says anything, I intentionally skipped L, okay? I am aware of this and plan to shuffle back, but I came across an M that is directly related to my O, and it need be noted.

I am sure that you have figured out on your own or read somewhere around here that I have been diagnosed as being obsessive compulsive along with anxiety caused by intrusive thoughts. And part of my reasoning for starting this thing was to have a space that I could use as a dumping ground, per say, for junk that I conjured up. And, to my delight, forty one people have made it a point to check back in every once in a while, and I have met some cool people along the way. Today, I happened across a website called Machine Man. It is a place where those that have "The O", can go for information, display art, poetry, share music, etc.
The site is also promoting a movie entitled Machine Man, that tells the story of a young man's battle with O.C.D. The film is being directed by Kellie Madison, who, in fact, I have never heard of but she is a noted director/writer. And pretty cute. With beautiful green eyes. And red hair.

Okay, I am done geeking out and I'm sorry, but I am excited. Just be relieved to know that if you were in front of me right now, I would most likely be humping your leg.

And on a final note, could someone please, tell me what the picture below has to do with "a natural trick to obtain more sleep".

I'm just saying.


Pearson Report said...

I can't imagine what it's like having OCD - I admire your desire to find ways to work with it and being creative in dealing with it through places like this blog.

As I was reading your post I opened the site for Machine Man in another window and took a peek - it definitely bodes a closer look, which I will do after I press the "publish this comment" button.

In the meantime, I think it's great that you are carrying on with this A-Z Challenge - I'm cheering you on as you make your way through the alphabet, in a leisurely and enjoyable pace.

Happy postings and happy thoughts too!
Cheers, Jenny

Mynx said...

I think you are really brave to be so open about your OCD. After I had a breakin at a house I was living in, I became very particular (I guess you could say) about locking up.
Not as bad now but I will still turn the car around to check even if I am halfway down the road. The anxious feelings that you cant dispel no matter how much you tell yourself that it is all fine are horrible and although I realise I cant compare to what you probably deal with everyday, I can certainly appreciate a little of what you deal with.

Ok, I probably have no idea, but I am really enjoying your writing so please continue with your A-Z challenge. I think I like it better when the letters are out of order

Drake Sigar said...

I'd be tempted to give them a donation for the movie if my mother's birthday wasn't coming up.

ib said...

Jenny, thank you. It is a pretty cool website that will hopefully garner a few second looks. And thanks for pushing me on in the challenge. I am going to finish this stinking thing.

Mynx, I am an open book because of my diagnosis. I share because people need to know how common OCD is becoming. Thanks for your kind words, they help so much and urge me to keep fighting the good fight.

Drake, thanks man. Now, go out by mom a new pair of shoes.

bruce said...


always love to see your name in the reader...

keep writing man... i will be there!

ib said...

Bruce, you rock dude. You are one of the reasons why I press on. Be well, my friend, be well.

becca said...

i love visiting your blog you always keep me entertained and i love that you are continueing on with your A to Z challenge. as for that last pic i have no clue other then it wants to catch the eye of every man who see's it i guess. hope you continue posting so ican continue to comeover and stalk you as it's my favorite thing to do. hugs

ib said...

Becca, stalk away. I don't mind, really. I'll feel the love !!!!