Monday, May 30, 2011

(L) Stands For El Travaganza.

A to Z Challenge Yet To Be Completed: Q, V, X, Y


I have been on this music trip as of late and in doing so, I have re-introduced myself to music that has played a role in my snobbery (I stole that one from Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog). One of these music's I speak of is from the band Live. I went through two Throwing Copper cassette's. As it turned out, the tape just could not handle a years worth of constant listening, rewinding and fast forwarding. But, only after seeing Live, uhhh, live, did my stalker-ing become an issue. I was smitten with Ed Kowalczyk's persona on stage. He was a showman, and when the bright lights came on, dude burned the stage down. I liken him to Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, where lyrically and in stage presence, in my humble opinion, they both are far superior to a good majority of front men in bands today. Here are a few songs. I urge you to peep these video's. (If you enjoy Live's music) The last one need be added, because it's Adam Duritz, and he is "emo", like me.

Lightning Crashes, Throwing Copper

Lakini's Juice, Secret Samadhi

Overcome, V

Colorblind, Hard Candy (Counting Crows)


Heather Reese said...

Colorblind and Lightning Crashes are two of my all time fav 'chill out' songs. They are like Xanax to my ears.

becca said...

new music to me thanks i love hearing what others are listening to.

Krissy said...

So is this a year-long challenge for you then? :) We all have our obsessions. It's normal, right??

ib said...

Heather, Counting Crows is probably my favorite EVER. Live is up there. I have seen then both live on a few occasions and I always left having concluded that they only get better.

Becca, You are welcome. Crows may get a hold of you. If that happens, you will become a junkie like me. Be vewy cawful.

Krissy, why you gotta break balls?

Pearson Report said... genius - I'm loving the music!
I know I'll sound a bit lame when I say most of it's new to me - so thanks for the introduction.

I like your taste in tunes!

Anyway...the song, Overcome, was the inspiration for my "Weapons of Mass Creation...Day 1" piece for this new Challenge I'm doing - yeah, yeah, glutton for punishment, I know.

If you have the time drop by my pad and check it out - I gave you credit for posting a song that inspired my creativity!

This post here, was a way too cool! Can't wait to see what's next.

Cheers, Jenny

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff mmmm

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