Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Hello and welcome back. I apologize for the blog lag. I have been lazy busy and have not been able to post, (for like, Everrr). I am on day one of my work swing so hopefully, I can redeem myself and squirm earn my way back into your goodest of graces. I will also be catching up with all yawl's blogging so expect to hear/feel a tingle on your proverbial blogearlobes.

"First things first, where's your shi.........?"
Sorry, I had a Fat Bastard flashback.
Really, first things first. I have been humbled by my peers yet again.

It seems funny to me that I have somehow gained the small following that I have and I am truly thankful for you all. I have met some awesome people along the way. There is a new entry into my "blogs I follow" list. Her name, Deirdra Eden-Coppel. She is an accomplished author, publisher, artist and fellow blogger. Her blog, A Storybook World, is one that I have not had the chance to read much into as of yet, but I plan on becoming better acquainted with her and her writing. Deirdra has issued me her "Creative Blog Award", and for that, I am extremely grateful. Her blog is wonderfully done, as her own artwork is a portion of the goods that I have enjoyed thus far. So, go over and say hey. You will not regret doing so.

It seems that my man crush on Bruce and his trusty sidekick Tucker, who by the way, are the contributers that spearhead J.A.D.I.P. is finally starting to get noticed. He donkey punched my lovetuals when he forwarded me this.....

"Versatile Blogger" award. He also gave it to a the sultry little vixen, Absolutely Primed at Over Developed, Under Exposed, that turned right back around and gave it too me. Again.
So, thank you to them both for rubbing my "rhubarb".
And as with most awards, it was given to me with a few stipulations.
1. Link back to the person(s) that payed it forward, which I have done.
2. Admit to seven things that you all may not know about me. I've done this once before for a different award and per my attorney, it would be wise of me not to share any more of my past "doings", for fear that unwanted attention will further damage my case.................wait, that's not me. I was getting myself confused with "The Sheen-ster". My bad dawg.
3. Does it really matter what number three is? I am supposed to dish this bad boy out to fifteen blogger buddies that I fancy but I'm not that cool and I am suffering from an extreme lack of motivation, so, in an attempt not to enrage the award gods, I'll leave it open for anyone that wants it. Consider it my gift to you, the little people.

And with that, I am going to make some hot chocolate, cuddle up in my wife's Snuggy and watch as you all march down the path to my place, thrusting your torches and pitchforks high into the night sky, singing tunes about how you are going whack me, Beauty and The Beast style. If we meet again, it is my hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me for being lazy and uninspiring.

P.S. Drake, I do appreciate your honest commenting. It is not everyday that one can put his hand on another man's shoulder and tell him that he is, indeed, not liked. And to Hed, thanks for laughing at me WITH Doomsday Boy. You have both earned an award from me.


Be well.


Anonymous said...

Drake is like those adorable and beloved animals at the zoo...they are not to be fed or given awards--it makes them all crazy like. Congrats on your awards! :)

Drake Sigar said...

Thanks Hobbit. I can’t count the number of times Jewels has said “don’t encourage him” or some variation, as if my ego can be stopped.

Note to self: Buy snuggy.

bruce said...

you are one twisted dude, dude! and i love it!

congrats and never any worries on being or not being...

the great thing about the Webber is it is always there 24/7..and does not require co-capitulation...

mebbe not the right word but i just needed to use capitulation today...

hed said...

Nice awards!

I pretty much never need a reason to laugh at Drake. It's just too easy!

<3 you Drake :)