Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can You Say, Milestone??????

It is my distinct honor to announce to you all that I have hit (40) followers and to mark this special occasion, I am going to quit. I thank you all for your comments and hope that one day, our path's will meet again.



Anonymous said...

you are so full of you are not! Are you? Oh please don't go! You are doing this for all the "NO DON'T GO" comments...aren't sneaky bugger!?

Mynx said...

Nope, not allowed to. Not after calling me "sweet tits".
At least not without giing us a proper explanation, like ummm going into rehab with Lindsay Lohan or being in the royal wedding or something.

Pearson Report said...

Excuse me...where do you think you're going?

We're just getting started...what will I do without someone to keep Mac in line, hmm?

Tell me, what's more important...okay, family, friends, work, I know, I know the outside forces sometimes take over...but not for you, no siree.

Get back to posting...

Hopefully, you are just jesting...right?

Cheers, Jenny

Pearson Report said...

Geez...I got so distracted with you leaving I forgot to say Congrats on 40...stay around and aim for 50!

Cheers, Jenny

becca said...

congrats on 40 and you are so not leaving if you try i will throw myself on the floor kicking and screaming throwing the biggest temper trantum you have ever seen. will you know.