Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wushi Wed.....Thursday

It's not hump day and I am aware of this. Sorry, my Chi is all messed up.
Just go with it.

Yes, it is hump day yet again and you all know what hump day means!!!!!!
Yep, I am starting my rotation today and won't have a day off until next Thursday. Yea for me.

In order to blow off a little steam, I think I will rip into some of the world's least needed and see to it that they receive what they have coming to them.

It seems that scientists in Brazil have nothing better to waste money on than tromping through rain forest's in search of "zombie ants". These ants are apparently overtaken by a parasite that in turn, latches onto the ants brain and takes over control of it's behaviors and actions until it is all tuckered out. At that time, the parasite shoots spores out the ants head in hopes of infecting neighboring ants. According to scientists, this bacteria has been zombifying ants for nearly 49 million years. I would be forced to conclude that ants are pretty damn stupid. If they had any intelligence, they would have figured out some kind of vaccine or invented some ant sized biological disaster suit. Ants are dumb.

Artwork used with permission from Habitual Hobbit. Any reproduction of artwork above is prohibited and is probably protected by some kind of law, somewhere. So, in short, don't gank my tag or I will sue yo' A, B!!!!!

And to make this tragic story worse, one scientist is afraid that a specie of this zombie inducing parasite is facing an untimely extinction level event. Oh well, maybe it's for the best. Besides, 14.7893 nanoseconds after the last one dies, three more species will have mutated and one of them will likely be the one that starts World War Z. So, grab your guns, baseball bats and always remember to send the people that you don't like to the front line because they are the ones that get dead first.

Wushi engaged, Ska---wait for it, wait for it


* Apple Inc., just go away. You will never sucker me into buying your overpriced crap. Yeah, the iPad is a good idea but I am sick of hearing about them. You and your books o' touch screen hell are infiltrating everything, everywhere and every time I see someone using one in public, I see that damn apple and what I perceive as being horns growing out of it's crown. It's scary. And, you may think it's cool, but the people that drive around with an Apple sticker on the back of their car are not hip, they are tools.

Go figure
* Charlie, or would you prefer that I address you as Carlos? It really doesn't matter. Just go, go and find some other country to disgrace. You were so much more tolerable when you were strung out on crack or whatever. You didn't feel any need to speak. You were too busy trying to score a rock.

Picture found on Hollywood Dame dot com


Jam? Riiiiiiiiight.

I bid you farewell and hope y'all come back.


becca said...

totally loved the post made me smile but then i love the wushi finger post always..hugs

ib said...

Thanks Becca. I aim to please.

bruce said...

bro that was a totes awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Soooo...I wonder who is controlling the parasite that is controlling the ants? If one goes by your drawing it's gotta be Hitler's ghost. Is he once again trying to take over the world?

Do love your fingers ib!

Lance said...

zombie ants would make a great name for a band.

Thanks for commenting my blog. I can't wait to become a regular on yours.

Drake Sigar said...

Time to give Action Ant a call.

ib said...

Bruce, YOU are awesome, my friend.

AP, Hitler was a parasite and he did use mind control to dupe/force Germans to abide. The only good thing that came out of the Hitler debacle was Volkswagen. And thank you dear for your ardent support of my finger fetish. They come in handy when it comes to typing these out.

Lance, welcome aboard. Zombie Ants is an awesome band name. You have struck gold, friend.

Drake, call your agent. Let's roll with this. "Action Ant vs. Zombie Ant 2, Electric Boogaloo" I am already smelling sequel.

Bo said...

I really enjoyed this! I agree that Charlie needs to go away. If the media would ignore him, maybe he would!

Thanks for reading my blog! I am looking forward to your next post!

ib said...

Bo, thanks for stopping in and welcome to my personal rabbit hole.

Mynx said...

I love posts that dont require a whole lot of concerntration on a saturday evening when i have had 2 wines already.
I give this one a A++


Yes I am very behind with my blog reading

ib said...

Thank you Minxy. I'm happy you enjoyed it.