Monday, March 21, 2011

The House Is Alive, And The House Is Hungry

First things first. I have been fairly crotchety while plodding through the last couple years weeks and, as a side effect, I have been about as productive as a garden gnome. Couple that with the ongoing Madness that is March, the juggernaut that is THE Ohio State and what you are left with is a mediocre blog that is not being posted on. I am surprised some of you have stuck around, to be honest.  

I was somewhat surprised that I was even able to push out 'The Finger' on time, let alone, getting it out at all. I just feel obligated to move forward for yous guys and gals. You are why I do this. It has nothing to do with hoping the one day, Peter Jackson happened on to the site somehow and knew, without any doubt, that I would be the perfect guy to head up a blog for him and his projects.

My blogger buddy Haven at Beyond The Borderline Personality showed her results from a personality test she had taken on her most recent post and it sounded like fun, so I did one too, and my  results are as follows.

  Personality Disorder Test Results

34 %
30 %
54 %
38 %
22 %
30 %
Obsessive Compulsive*
70 %
34 %
46 %
22 %

*No Crap Cagney
Take Free Personality Disorder Test
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After receiving the results, I immediately placed my tin foil hat atop my head so 'they' can not take what's left of my brain. The test made me think of a band that used to listen too. They are extremely morbid but when I would start having an anxiety attack or I was unable to tide obsession, I would throw this album in the player and it would help take off the edge. And to this day, I cannot tell you why. Maybe it was because it was proof that I was not the only one who had off the wall thoughts that meant nothing. I was not the only person struggling with stuff. There was somebody out there that was going through the same kind of thing that I was going through.

The band?        tHa pApER chAsE

The Paper Chase is originally from Texas and although they don't have a huge fan base, the ones that do follow the band are very loyal. Lyrically, the content is disturbing upon first listen. With songs entitled "the house is alive, and the house is hungry" or "at the other end of the leash" where the chorus starts off with "a pretty girl in a wheel chair/who still claims she fell down the stairs/If he touches you again/with those dirty little hands/I'll have to break them". And then there is always "we know where you sleep" or "now, you are one of us" and then my personal favorite, "your kids well grow up to be ass holes".

But what I found most interesting is that as you listen to the album, you become aware that this is no album thrown together with unrelated songs. You start to understand a pattern and soon realize that this entire album is a story. A concept album. And when that sinks in, it takes on an entirely new feeling.

John Congelton is the mastermind behind this macabre little group. While, IMHO, being a talented musician/songwriter/producer, he often uses his own personal experiences as fodder for a songs theme. He experiences panic attacks and in turn, writes as an outlet to calm himself down. I also, have had panic/anxiety attacks triggered by obsessive compulsive disorder and can vouch for how debilitating they can be if you don't seek help. I appreciate the music he creates and I always will. Somehow, it helped me shake loose from bad obsessive days by demanding that I refocus my thinking on something other than the snowball that was hauling ass downhill in my nugget. 

now you are one of us (album cover)
the paper chase

-----it’s out there and it’s gonna get you-----
-----we know where you sleep-----
-----the kids will grow up to be assholes-----
-----wait until i get my hands on you-----
-----you will never take me alive-----
-----delivered in a firm unyielding way,  lingering for just a bit too long to communicate the message, "I OWN YOU"-----
-----the most important part of your body-----
-----what’s so amazing about grace?-----
-----you are one of them, aren’t you?-----
-----this song will eat itself-----
-----.....and all the candy you can eat-----
-----all manner of pox and canker-----
-----at the other end of the leash-----
-----we will make you one of us-----
-----the house if alive and the house is hungry-----

I know that it looks bad and even sounds bad after having looked at the song titles but it is not that freaky of an album. 

I mean, it's no Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Mushroomhead and the like. Those dudes are douche canoes. 




Haven said...

According to your test results you should have immediately alphebetized your results and meticulously aligned the % signs ::grins::

ib said...


It will be done. Thanks. I'm slacking in my old age.

Jumble Mash said...

I'm afraid to take that test.

Lance said...

I took the test and posted it on my blog (lower right side). I would understand if you wanted to stop talking to me. I'm crazier than you.

Buckeyes should breeze to the Final Four. They look great.

Anonymous said...

I had to take it too...I think I should be on medication...can I have a do over?

I posted it...on the veeeeeeery bottom of my blog.

I don't think it should count today...they shouldn't of let me out...

ib said...

Haven, I straightened up that mess for me. Thanks for pushing to the verge of anxiety attack. Your such a good friend. :)

ib, I love you man.

Tress, take the test, Tress, take the test, Tress, take the test.

Lance, I can smell my own. I am finally, after 36 years, right where I need to be.

AP, you can do it over but it is said that the more you do it over, the more accurate it becomes. I decided that I would stop after the first go. It was close enough for me.

becca said...

to afraid to take that testdistra

Aimee said...

Stupid thing. It didn't even give me any results, it just screamed at me and proceeded to call the police department to have been committed.

hed said...

Yep, I got borderline dependent schizoid. Hmmm...

hed hed above water