Thursday, March 17, 2011

APt, He Is Not.

The Media.
There are some that love it and some that hate it, and some that could care less. I tend to lean heavily to the "hate it" side of the fence and therefore, make it a point to filter my intake of the goings on in the world. I am not oblivious to things, just picky. That being said, I was caught with my guard down last night.

There I was, hanging with a few buddies of mine after work. We had just finished watching "Justified" on FX. (Pretty good show by the way.) Fro was channel surfing and happened to stop on CNN. It was not his chosen destination, it just happened to be where he had stopped to finish giving me his take on the show. After his cliff notes introduction and personal opinions, we turned our attention back to the set. Lucky me.

The headline on the screen read, "earthquake in Japan", which, in itself, was not so much a shock. But, what I found disturbing, were/are the following:

1. As CNN reported on the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami that ripped through Japan a week ago and the ongoing issues ranging from the intensity of the aftershocks to nuclear fallout, some knucklehead felt the need to bash Obama for having filled out his March Madness Bracket instead of dealing with worldly issues. Now, I am not a big supporter of the President thus far but could someone please find out who "broke" this story, duct tape them to a backboard and pelt said TOOL with a colorful array of paint gun pellets?

2. CNN, as a whole, bites.

3a. Japanese officials reported that radiation readings were not as alarming as originally reported by U.S. officials.
3b. U.S. officials have reported that radiation readings are indeed worse, than originally reported by Japanese officials.
3c. Officials from an undisclosed source have found that radiation levels are stabilizing and do not pose any significant threat at the present time. Normal level is said to be .0sometweekeramountofmicroroentgen, when speaking of daily human exposure. Currently, or as of this morning around 0100, levels were reported to be 12.sometweekeramountofmicroroentgen, which is considered higher (DUH) but does not pose humans to any immediate threat. Now, referencing the "Law As Declared By Me", it says nothing of the ramifications to those who have been exposed for, lets say, the next year or more and it does not take into consideration, the off chance that more reactors melt down and spew larger amounts of radon into the air.
Maybe it's me, but I conclude that this equation is flawed.

4. Obama picked the University of Pittsburgh to win the tournament.

and, on an entirely unrelated note, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, spoke to media a few days ago. He was asked to give the public his opinion concerning the ongoing labor talks between the owners and the players. He then described his working conditions as being like "modern day slavery". Hey, dumb ass, last time I checked, you signed a contract to play FOOTBALL for MILLIONS of dollars, you overpaid, ignorant, self centered, over hyped WIND BAG. Shut up and do your job. I would lop of one of my nuggets to be an athletic freak of nature like you and your CO-WORKERS.

HERE'S FINGERING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Drake Sigar said...

I’m just surprised the media have given it this much attention at all.

Aimee said...

And THAT, my friend, is why I don't watch TV. Except for the Investigation Discovery channel. And Discovery. And sometimes Movies on Demand. On Fox, but only when Family Guy is on. Yeah, I think that's it.

becca said...

happy st. patrick day

Jumble Mash said...

I look for any reason I can to continue hating on Obama, so this just adds to it.

I really dislike the Media. I've seen an email and a thing going around on Facebook about how Charlie Sheen is all over the news but you never hear about the soliders that are dying in Iraq and what not.

ib said...

Drake, I have come to expect nothing less from news groups.

Aimee, on any other day, this would have passed on by and I would never have known. I don't have cable or dish for this reason. If I watch TV, it's the fab five.

Becca, thanks. I would drink a green beer but corporate brass would likely frown upon that.

JM, I agree wholeheartedly.

bruce said...

the opinion flashers ie talkng heads and the media are fools at best...

anything else i would say would be un familyish..

HavenNyx said...

OH man, this is part of why I don't watch TV at all (except for Food shows on Hulu which I suppose isn't really TV). Definitely not the news. It's always depressing and conflicting.

Here's the thing about Obama. Or any president. They can only do so much at any given time. Compared to the last F-up of a president we had, Obama is making major strides especially when he first had to clean up the mess left for him. People want what they want and they want it now with no thought or understanding of the process required to achieve these goals.

Also, even the president needs a 5 minute break every now and again. Probably more than most considering he's running the freaking country. I imagine it's a little taxing. By this point in Bushes career he'd taken literally months (cumulatively speaking) off for getaways and vacations. During a 'war'. People are stupid.

ib said...

Bruce, on said subject, I find it hard to keep my squawk box from unloading a few choice obscenities.

Haven, IMHO, Obama did get thrown into a house on fire, I will give him that.

Krissy said...

It's funny but lately I get more news from reading blogs than I do other sources. The rest are too freaking depressing, and at least my blogging friends can help me laugh through the pain.

And yeah, Adrian needs to shut the hell up! But please don't lop off a nugget.

ib said...

Krissy, I would never lop off MY nuggets but some time in the future, I may "unball" any little chump that touches my daughter. She's only four but I am trying to be prepared.

Krissy said...

You said you would lop off one of your nuggets to be an athletic freak of nature like him, ya bonehead! LOL