Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wushi Finger Wednesday

Hello boys and girls. I wanted to start off by thanking those of you who shot over a few words of encouragement during my funkiness. But again, I ask that you all pray for Average Girl's sister in law. The majority of you are aware of this somewhat and I imagine that most of you have said a few prayers for her already. I just ask that we continue to do so.

Now, back to this mass-uh-Cree.

I regret to inform you that your host has suffered a severe case of writers block and is unable to present another lucky dumb ass with the prestigious Wushi Finger. I'm thinking about giving up my soap box for a few weeks and having some Guest Appearance Wushi Finger Wednesday Posts. If anyone has a chip on their proverbial shoulder, and would like to go Hobbit for a day, let me know. I ask only that whoever is chosen to divvy out the dreaded Finger o' death, do so with minimal usage of foul lingo and that it not be directed toward any religion, faith, non-faith etc. I know, I am such a mamma's boy. I like to keep things P.C. if at all possible.

Speaking of P.C.!!!!!!

I have not seen it yet, but did anyone think that Christina's fall at the Grammy's was a ploy to derail her debacle at the Super Bowl? Or, is she just in a really, really, really bad public funk? Just curious.

One would think that if she were indeed, half cyborg, singing the correct lyrics and walking would not be an issue. 

But for now, if someone out there would like to give a deserving party the Wushi Finger, send a copy over my way. If anybody actually does send me one, I will use one for this week. God forbid, several entries get sent over, then I will use them as fodder for future Wushi Finger filings. (Say that five times as fast as you can) So, for now, I apologize to you for being such a tool. But I do hope some of you have issues with someone, enough so, that you would like to berate them here, in a public forum.

I am Jack's most boring blogger. EVER.


becca said...

i totally need the brain explosion sign that is awesome

HavenNyx said...

Hah, I was thinking the same thing about needing the brain explosion sign =)

Sending positive writer un-block waves.

bruce said...

no worries still rule!

we all have bloggerers block now and then...

if i were not having my own health things i would be all over pointing wushi at some deserving foolishness...

keep your head up!

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Evil Twin
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ib said...

Becca, I can't remember where I found it but just steal it from me.

Haven, read above concerning brain explosion sign. I feel the unblock vibes but they have finished yet. Keep them coming.

Bruce, take care of yourself man. When you start feeling better, I will pass the mic. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I luv your fingers...speaking of which there is a little sumthin' sumthin' for you over on my page...

Jumble Mash said...

Another Fight Club reference. Loving it.

Also...I think all of us get writer's block every now and then. No worries.

hed said...

I always get antsy if I don't write every few days, like "OMG WHAT IF MY READERS LEAVE ME?!?!?!"

Now I kind of realize that people have lives and sometimes they just aren't in the mood to write. We'll still be here, even if that is tomorrow or next month!

Much <3 (ha ha!), hed hed above water

ib said...

Hed, thanks for the + reinforcement.

Average Girl said...

Hi ib... Battle of the Blogs is something I threw out there a few weeks back, people signed up, I paired them off and gave them topics to write about... perhaps I will do another one in the future, we shall see!


Chief aka Dad said...

You really don't think you can get rid of us that easily do you?

ib said...

AG, thanks, now don't touch your computer for the rest of the weekend.

Chief Dad, it is not I that is trying to get rid of anyone. I am surprised that nobody has jumped off of the truck, knowing that it is going to end tragically. But, thanks for your loyalty. Still don't have my system. Meth is sounding better every day.