Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wushi Finger Wednesday

For those of you who may have come to my site by accident, I welcome you to The Habitual Hobbit. Those that have been around a while, I'm going to do something new. If it works out and people get a kick out of it, I'll roll with it. The next few weeks will be a trial run. So, here we go. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Most people, unlike myself, make an attempt to keep up with pressing news both locally and globally. I am not one of those people. I do not hide from the happenings of our world but I don't want to "over stimulate" my easily stimulated brain, so, after setting up my account with Google, I am able to better control what news I intake. I try to be at least aware of world events and even important national events but I do not watch the news because.....well, that discussion will be for a different day. And trust me, today is not that day. 
As of late, I have become increasingly aware of the rising tension between North Korea and South Korea. South Korea (Constitutional Democracy) and North Korea (Hereditary Dictatorship) have been butting heads for sometime. Enter into the fray a sociopath that pops a boner every time that someone says North Korea and nuclear weapons in the same sentence and you come up with a Kim Jong-IL.
Kim (a girls name no less) is the current dick tater of N.K. that is suffering from an extreme case of the "daddy dropped me too many times".
If I were a phrenologist, I would say that the "Combativeness" section of his brain is holding 99% of the stock. The picture below proves this theory. The dude just looks like a nut job. By the way Kim, Lens Crafters is always running some sort of special. If you upgraded a touch, you would look less like a lunatic, hell bent on total world domination. I mean, as of now, those Captain America shields your using as bifocals are not gonna help you pick up the chicks, you dig?

Kim Jong-ilImage via Wikipedia
But I guess being a dick tater and all, you could just force a woman at gunpoint to favor you just the way you are. To learn more about this embossed carbuncle, click on the link above.

Maybe I'm being too hard on him. I ran across this and I may have seen a softer side Kim. Check it out.

After seeing this, my opinion on Kimmy softened a bit. After all, he is not the nut case power mongering commie that I had once pegged him as. He..............wait, I was right. I just saw this.

Yep, he is still a douche bag.
Wushi finger hold activated and applied. SKADOOSH
Until next time. Remember, don't be a card holding member of the communist party with ugly glasses that spews when nuclear warfare is mentioned. You are all better than that.

Here are the links to the YouTube clips for anyone that is having troubles.


Dani-Q said...

Kim is a total douche bag. A couple of years ago I did a paper on him for modern history. Needless to say, he is one of my least favourite people.

Totally deserved a Wushi Finger.

ib said...

I totally agree, and that is why he gets it. We can only hope that he is tragically mauled to death by a mutant species of tele-tubbies.

Drake Sigar said...

He’s an insane and a douchebag, but I can’t decide which category he leans towards more.

HavenNyx said...

Well deserved Wushi Finger indeed. I'm surprised no one has succeeded in taking him out yet. Governmental power needs a sanity meter. You must be 'this sane' to ride the ride.

becca said...

great post and i love the use of the Wushi finger. PS i don't much keep up with the trends either.

Krissy said...

I'm so glad my nephew got back from over there before things get worse, but I know there are other soldiers who are standing in harm's way because of that psycho.

By the way, I can't see your lower two photos, but maybe it's just me? I only see the first one.

ib said...

Drake, there is a third option, Insane Douchebag, that is where I lean.

Haven, good idea on the sanity meter. I am also surprised how he has avoided the crosshairs of a sniper rifle.

Becca, thanks. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who tends to shy away from the bull jive. I have enough junk of my own.

Krissy, things are going to get worse no doubt. That's the thing about psychos, there is only one cure for psycho, and that is a barrage of cluster bombs.

ib said...

Krissy, the bottom two pics are actually you tube videos. I have added the links to the bottom of the post so you can check them out if you so desire.

bruce said...

douchy insanity and bad hair with crappy glasses...all he needs is a zipper hoody...

thank god his missles are as lame as he is...

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ib said...

Bruce, agreed. I read somewhere that he has enough fissle material to build 9 warheads but nobody will understand him when he says fisser mateliar.

Tara said...

Hehe, Kim is his last name, just a little FYI. In Korea, last names come first.

At least he hasn't attacked us lately... and, by lately, I mean, since the end of November.

ib said...

Tara, how awfully nice of him. He must not be as ronry as he was in November. Thanks for the tid bit. I like it better my way though, at least in this case. Happy to hear from you. Catch you on the flip.