Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wushi Finger Wednesday, Super Bowl Special

Hello and welcome to the Habitual Hobbit. If you are a familiar, you will already know that Wednesday around here is Wushi Finger Wednesday and if you are a noob, you also, now, already know that it is indeed, Wushi Finger Wednesday. For those of you that are noob's and do not know now what WFW is, it is called an acronym. This specific acronym means Wushi Finger Wednesday, and on said day, I rant about someone(s) or something(s) that really chap my posterior. If you are like most of my readers, you are now dumber for having subjected yourself to my blog. And yet, you have decided to stay and prove that you have what it takes to go to D. That being said, "Let's Get It Started In Ha".

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

So, let me get this straight. You make millions of dollars, playing a Game. You are employed by one of the most storied franchises in the history of professional sports. You make more money during the course of one season than I would have made IF I began working in my current position immediately after I exited the womb, stayed gainfully employed for 70 straight years, accrued no debt because every single thing that I had gained was handed to me and...... I was able to accomplish this feat for 3.5 consecutive LIVES. I will admit, I am somewhat of a pessimist but, seriously? You are a household name. You have had "relations" with at least three prominent actresses. You have been seen in public with high priced and well known call-girls and/or madam's. You have admitted to using P.E.D.'s. and suffered little or no consequences. And, you have experienced ALL OF THIS while, most likely living with the delusion that this is ALL owed to you because of all of your hard work.

And, if this is the story of your life, YOU.....WOULD.....BE.....WHO?

That's right ladies and gentlemen, you would be Alex Rodriguez, 3rd baseman of the New York Yankees.
Why did I pick this tool, you ask? Credentials? Here is an example credential. Allow the following comment found via Wikipedia, to further enlighten you with an example of criteria, from which, I found damning in this case.

Candice Houlihan, a Boston-area hairdresser who previously worked as a stripper, told the Boston Herald[87] that she and Rodriguez had sex on two occasions in 2004 when Rodriguez was in town playing against the Boston Red Sox. Houlihan also told the Globe of her liaisons with Rodriguez, and the supermarket tabloid said she had passed a lie detector test. The day after Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce from Alex Rodriguez in 2008, Houlihan said Rodriguez' wife "did the right thing," adding, "a leopard doesn't change his stripes. Good for her. I think she's doing the smart thing. And she'll probably get tons of cash."


Please note: The competition this week was fierce and I could have made a case for a plethora of candidates but A-Fraud just has a way of donkey punching my most irritable areas.

"Aaaah, I feeeeeel nice, like sugar and spice."

See, even The Pope agrees. He even went out and bought him a little sump, sump.

"Listen man, the rest of the team is starting to get weirded out concerning your, umm, uniform??"

Honorable Mentions:
The Black Eyed Peas - for butchering the entire halftime show.

Christina Aguilera - for her nauseating rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

On a positive note, I want to congratulate Volkswagen for what I thought was by far, the best Super Bowl commercial this year. The Darth Vader kid was classic. If you missed it, check it out below.



Mynx said...

Thats a brilliant add. Hope they show it over here.
Sportsmen seem to be the same the world over.

bruce said...

good choice...

he is a total douche!

Jumble Mash said...

Dammit I can't watch the video.

Anyways...good choice for WFW. I completely agree. Total douche bag.

becca said...

i love this car commercial too cute

Anonymous said...

OH total agreement from me...on the A-Rod thing. I pretty much despise all that is the Yanks as they stole Clemens & Pettitte from the Astros. Well, frankly now they can claim Clemens & I guess that's where Pettitte started but I still don't like them.


I don't like football (yeah...I said it)so didn't watch the game BUT I did check out all the commercials on Monday tho and they were pretty good. The mini Vader was adorable & I kinda liked the Eminem car commercial too...just 'liked' it in a different way.

ib said...

Mynx, I agree. You just can't go wrong with kids and Darth Vader.

Bruce & Jumble, thank you. Great minds do think alike.

Becca, it makes you want to go out and buy a VW, doesn't it?

AP, the Yankees buy/steal players all of the time. They have done well picking my Indians apart over the years. I won't hate on ya for not liking football. Your still totally awesome in my book.

Krissy said...

I LOVE that commercial. They had the two kids who played Darth Vader on TV the next day. The one who did the scene at the end was ADORABLE!

hed said...

The VW commercial and the Pepsi Max commercial where the girl beams the other girl in the head with the can had me cracking up!


ib said...

Krissy, the kid was interviewed on one of the morning news thingamajiggers and when they asked him who he thought would be interesting to talk to, he said Oprah.

Hed, Pepsi commercial was funny. I found it funny when the couple ran away at the end.

Krissy said...

Dear, I wasn't coherent for the early shows, but he was on The Talk, and he was a ham! While his mom was talking he was making all kinds of faces and stuff. He will be on many things to come where we can see that cute face.

Hence72 said...

beautiful blog

ib said...

72, thank you. Come on back if you have nothing else to do.

Vanilla Ice doesn't want none of this, yo!!

Chief aka Dad said...

Agree...he sucks...disagree, I liked the half time show, agree Christina didnt do a very go job, agree...loved the commercial...agree...WFW is a good concept :-)

ib said...

Chief Dad, I lost all hope when Slash hovered up out the floor. I also wanted to say thank you for your kind compliments. It makes it so much more fun when you get positive feedback.

Pearson Report said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl. Ok, I hang my head in shame...but, checking out so many sites with SB stuff has kept me in the loop!

I laughed at the VW commercial - too cute!


ib said...

Welcome aboard Jenny. Thanks for stopping in and following. I will return the favor.

Sandra said...

I think if Christina had worn her hair the way she has it in the picture, nobody would have noticed her butchering the song.
Oh, and I now love the word SKA-douche.

ib said...

Sandra, this makes me happy. There will be more to come. Thanks for stopping in.