Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frodo Ain't Got Nuttin' On Me

You blogging people are entirely too kind. I choke on the old WFW and still managed this cool little ditty. It seems that AP at Over Developed, Under Exposed has a thing for my Wushi Fingers and forwarded this on to me. So, thank you AP. You are like, cool, and stuff.

If you want to know 7 secrets, I will direct you here. I have already leaked 7 "secrets" about myself and I do not think that the world is ready for seven more. I'm thinking of you people, I'm thinking of you.

And, it is also my do-dee, to pass this on to a few bloggers that I find deserving. So, here they are.

52 Weeks Of Wordage - Steffers the Great has a fun blog. She presented me with my first award for a short story that I entered into her Monday Madness contest. Go over and check her out.

The Arta - The blog showcases Arta's artwork. She is already extremely talented but is still on the path of higher learning. What she calls a "sketch", I would call my masterpiece and quit drawing for ever. Go over and check her out. Buy her book. I plan to purchase it but that will have to wait until I am no longer broke, Mike Tyson style worried about the future of my financial portfolio. She was B.O.N. a week or two ago, and I well say, it was well deserved.

Kate Dean - Kate's blog is a picture blog that showcases her photography. She has a wonderful knack of snapping at the right moment to catch the "mood" of her models. She happens to be one of the first blogs I began to follow. Go see what it is that I am talking about. Beautiful people + perfect timing/sets = pure awesomeness.

So, there, it is finished.

I wish I could consume alcohol at work. I would not want to get peemypantshugginthetoiletbecauseihadihopallyoucaneatbacon drunk, but, a touch buzzed. It would speed up the monotony of sitting in one spot for ten hours, staring at five computer monitors waiting , just in case a little red alarm blinks in on one of them.

Does anyone else flinch at the site Kathy Bates when she is on the tube? I happened upon her show, "Harry's Law" but was unable to escape from this

image of her during the movie "Misery". I just get a shiver of bad mojo whenever I see her, regardless of what she is doing. She could be selling Girl Scout cookies in front of Wal-Mart and I would still pee my pants a little bit because I would flashback to images of her "sledgehammer fetish" and her usage of the quote, "Mr. Man". Still, to this day, she gives me the heebeegeebee's.

And, a final note before I retire this post, I ran across these yesterday.

As it turns out, this shirt and the one below are available for purchase at
I want one. (In case you were wondering, they have men's shirts too. I just did not want y'all to think that I have started wearing women's clothing again.)

And finally, it seems that I have quite the following in New Zealand, they even had a rally for me. It's apparent that I should be getting paid for this and these fine folk get it.


Anonymous said...

I totally flinch at Kathy Bates, not for the Misery bit, but for the naked bits...her naked bits! Did you see About Schmidt?

Talk about hugging the toilet...

Arta. said...

Hey. =]
I am really honored that you mentioned me, it's just really awesome to know that there are people who actually notice what you do and it means a lot for me, really. ♥
Take care. ^u^


Drake Sigar said...

I wish that Sweedish Hero ad campaign was still online.

bruce said...

saaaaweeet! congrats man!

i will have to go and see the the other winners!

ib said...

AP, so not called for. I managed to wipe that image from my memory only to have it come back and smack me in junk.

Arta, you are most welcome. It is I that should be thinking you. Your artwork is awesome.

Drake, I do believe it is.

Bruce, thanks homey. Check em out when you have a minute. You won't be disappointed.

becca said...

congrats on your award and the T-shirts are too cute

ib said...

Becca, thanks yous.

Chief aka Dad said...

Kathy Bates is way scary...I love the t-shirts and the bodies in them...I was at that rally...fat guy in the back...congrats on the award!

ib said...

Chief Dad, Thank you. Your too kind. I had no idea that the good people of New Zealand were so infactuated with hobbits. Go figure.