Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wushi Finger

Poe applying the Wushi Finger Hold.
I will start by saying thank you to Bruce over at JADIP for his generosity. He passed the LOL Award over to me and for that, I am grateful. Tress at Jumble Mash also gave me this award a few days ago so instead of putting you through the horror of learning seven more things about me that no one knows of, I will just leave a link to the post from yesterday if that is okay. LOL Post

In an attempt to blow off a little steam, I wanted to give a few deserving people The Wushie Finger. For those of you that do not know what The Wushi Finger is, watch the YouTube clip below.

Now that you are in the know, I will proceed.
(Disclaimer - The Wushi Finger hold should only be performed by those that have mastered the martial art of Kung Fu and/or if you find yourself waging battle with a talking snow leopard)

The Wushi Finger Goes To.........

Judy Clarke, Defense Attorney, California
Here is just a sampling of her client list and after you are enlightened, you will know why I would give her the Wushi Finger. She led the defense for The Unabomber, Susan Smith, Eric Rudolph and now, her newest client, Jared Loughner. One could surmise that Judy has a soft spot for quacks.

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bruce said...

good choice for wushi finger!

and you do deserve the lOL!

Bruce Johnson JADIP
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Drake Sigar said...

You're bluffing! :P

ib said...

Bruce, thank you. I am truly grateful.


hed said...

Wow, I wonder how she sleeps at night...probably laying in a big ass pile of dirty money...

Like the new layout!


ib said...

Hed, if it was me, I couldn't sleep at night because I would be afraid of some other crazy ass dude whacking me while I slept. But, no dice. I could not be in that line of work. I value my soul and would not want to subject it to that species of tool.

becca said...

love the new look and totally love this movie thanks for reminding me about the wushi finger

ib said...

Becca, I am as excited as my daughter for Kung Fu Panda 2. You will come to know the wushi finger. Wushi Finger Wednesday is something I'm going to do. Basically, it will be me ranting on crap people that I hear about in the world. Check in, I think you'll enjoy it.