Monday, January 03, 2011


Hello and welcome to what I hope well be the first of many posts this year. Now that I have had a day or two to lick my wounds and catch my breath from this past holiday season, all in all, it was a good time. My daughter was crazy. Three days of opening gifts, good food and spending time with our loved ones was an assault on her senses but she held up well.

Bruce is a dudes dude. If you have not wiggled over to The Guy Book, you should do so. Right Now!! Don't waste your time here. I promise you that nothing said within these texts will match up with the contents contained in Bruce's book. I must have schmoozed just enough to warm his innards because he mentioned me writing a little sump, sump'n pertaining to witnessing the miracle of child birth from a guy's point of view. I know. That could go so many ways. I am actually nervous.

The wife (Beth) and I snuggled up on the couch and watched while the ball dropped to end yet another year. This year is one that we would rather forget. We shared a kiss, laughed a little and enjoyed the silence together. Bear lye fast asleep in her bed, dreaming of something that put a smile on her face, hugging Stripes (her new bush baby) and Softy Ladybug (her new pillow pet). It's moments like those that I tend to lose sight of when I consume myself with worry, doubts and fears of the everyday. Being a parent is hard. It's awesome but it is hard. Especially for someone with O.C.D. There is already enough crap up there, floating around in between my ears.

Speaking of dopey stuff stuck up top, I think that I will share a few stories with you pertaining to some of the more humorous happenings of my life. I have noticed that many of you share your everyday and at times, rehash a funny story from your past. I wanted to make it a point to share some of my lighter moments with you. So, here and there, I'll throw in a piece of my past so that you may learn a little bit more about me and what makes me tick Hopefully, I won't scare any of you away. In the next day or two, I'll roll out the story of why pigtails get my mojo risin' and  how they came to be "naughty".

Thank you all for stopping in. I enjoy the comments and well wishes so very much. I cannot tell you all how much this blogging thing has helped me with my day to day junk. I pray that this finds you all well.



Drake Sigar said...

I'm sure that story won't scar us for life.

Jumble Mash said...

Lookin forward to reading the stories!

becca said...

love Bruce and loving your blog as well

bruce said...

Bro! thanks for the shout! you are too kind.

you will do fine on your guest post!

looking forward to some stories!

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