Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waffling Is My Speciality

So, this is attempt number three at completing a post for today. I am bound and determined to get something finished so please bare with me.

Draft Title, Take One - "!!!!! DANGER !!!!! DANGER !!!!!"
This was my original post idea and one that, in it's infancy, was meant to be nothing more than a humorous rebuttal of my own concerning one man's suggestion that Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin is the anti-Christ. I was then going to rant on how this is just all a bunch of tomfoolery created by some boob with a lot of time on his hands. But, in the midst of my brainstorming, I came across a few stories that changed my tune from a light hearted ramble, to a very serious pissing.

Draft Title, Take Two - "What A Bleeping Mess We Have Made"
Here are just a few reasons why my mood changed so quickly.
  • The conflict between North and South Korea and the North stating that they are prepared to engage in "the sacred war" or nuclear war as I understood it.
  • Russia warning the US to leave wording contained within the START treaty alone. It is said to have the enough votes to pass legislation. In short, it would cut down the two countries nuclear armament to a mere 1550 deployed warheads. (No more sleepless nights for me. It is no concern of mine now that the total number of deployed nuc's will be under 1560) (Not counting any missiles constructed elsewhere, like North/South Korea, China, Japan, Great Britain or Israel, just to name a few)
  • Or, I may just be making all this crap up. The world is actually in perfect harmony. Cats and dogs, Buckeyes and Wolverines, Democrats and Republicans all taking turns humping each others leg because we are so full of harmony.
Okay, a bit much, I know, and I'm sorry.



Drake Sigar said...

Even if we were in perfect harmony the nuclear danger would be replaced by hippies shooting rainbows out of their arses.

Drake Sigar said...

P.S. Merry Christmas!

ib said...

Thanks Drake, Merry Christmas to you also. I would rather go nuclear here. Hippies would be late, stoned and lethargic. And who's to say that they will remember to bring their rainbows of death?

Jumble Mash said...

"No more sleepless nights for me. It is no concern of mine now that the total number of deployed nuc's will be under 1560"

Love this.

ib said...

Yeah, at some point in my adult life I had heard an estimate of 15-ish warheads detonating within days of each other, if spread correctly, could send us all to the nether world. Nothing like wasting money on extinction level events. I guess the government mantra is "you can't spend cold hard cash in hell."