Monday, December 20, 2010

Passing the Gauntlet

So, in an attempt to validate the award that has been bestowed upon me by Dad at Unsound Reasoning, I believe I must admit to five of my guilty pleasures, and here they are, in particular order.

1. Womens Soccer
2. The Cascading Head of a well poured Guinness.

4. Pigtails

5. System Of A Down

3. Whacking Insurgents, Playstation 3 Style

And now, I need to pass this award onto 3 bloggers that I enjoy, and here they are.
Hed Above Water - I adore this young lady. She may be the most honest blogger that I have come across thus far. I am impressed with her ability to get back up when she gets knocked down.  So, Hed, here's to you and continued success.

bruceejohnson JADIP - If one would ask me to describe Bruce's blogging style in one word, I don't know if I could. If there was a gun to my head, and said gunmen demanded I described Bruce's blog with one word, I would have to go wit 
Drakes Doomsday Corner - Drake, is a dude that just gets it. Drake is a British pimp and and funny as hell.


Drake Sigar said...

Women's football eh? I might give it a try.

Caaaaaaaaaaake! This is the third one in the last few days, but I still have some room left.

Jumble Mash said...

LMAO at the Pigtails thing. The only thing I like on here is System of a Down. Women's soccer and COD don't do anything for me. :)

Dad said...

I've, for some unknown reason, just developed an interest in women's soccer...I've always loved pigtails and I ended COD4 with a Gold Cross...Xbox :-)

ib said...

Drake, just to be clear, you can't play with them but trust me, watching is a good thing.

Jumble, pigtails are, in a word, naughty. SOAD rocks. First you ask your man to kill snow for you, then you tell me that COD4 and women's soccer does "nothing for you". I will let the soccer thing slide because you are a woman. I watch because, well, get what I'm saying.

Dad, why would you all of the sudden have any interest in women's soccer? Hmmmmmm. It's a mystery. Pigtails are naughty, have not mastered COD4 yet, but that day is soon.

Thank you's for being such cool bloggers. I believe I may have landed a the coolest group around. I pray that this finds you all well.

bruce said...

thank you sir!

it is an honor and a priviledge to recieve such an award and the pimping!!!

dude you rock!!

i am now going to also have to look into some girls soccer...

and some SOAD...pissed off anything sounds cool...

PAHPURPEEFAH. your word! and it does describe so much!!!

thanks again man!

bruce johnson jadip
stupid stuff i see and hear
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the guy book

ib said...

Bruce, it is the least I can do.

Mynx said...

congrats to all the winners.
Drake is going to make himself sick with all that cake

Jumble Mash said...

Oh we're still on the snow topic? Killing it must have worked because it hasn't snowed since. Uh oh. :)

Also, I play Halo vs. Call of Cuty. Halo is way better.

ib said...

It shouldn't snow because you killed it. All of the other snows are in mourning, that is, if there are any left.

hed said...

Ib I suck! I just checked my e-mail and saw yours. Thanks SO MUCH for this! Much love! I'll post it up after Christmas, I promise!


ib said...

Hed, you do NOT suck, you rock. You are worthy of it and so much more. I pray that this finds you and yours well.