Sunday, December 19, 2010

And, the wiener is...........

So. I can be very unmotivated at times. And, for a good number of things that I aspire to be, for example, a good father/husband, writer, Snoop Dogg & a millionaire, having an ample amount of motivation is of the utmost importance. I am able to concede that I am motivationally intolerant, but sometimes it only takes a swift, unexpected kick to the groin to instill mass amounts of motivation. I had such an event this morning.
As I stumbled through my morning checklist of honey do's,
coffee - check
bug juice - check
snacks - check
ladybug pillow pet - check
Curious George - check
happy daughter - check
sleeping wife - check
I always try to fit a little blog reading in before the kid goes crazy because of her morning sugar buzz. But this morning would be much different. As I logged onto Blogger, I noticed that everybody has been busy posting and commenting and I, shocker, fell behind and needed to catch up. Okay.
Jumble Mash - check (note to self - snow killer, heart eating coyotes)
Brucejohnson J.A.D.I.P. - check (not to self - Peter Pan dead, tragic)
Hed Above Water - check (note to self - Kickass)
Absolutely Narcissism - check (note to self - nipples)
My Life - check (note to self - becca is sick. feel sorry for her, you sap)
Unsound Reasoning - check (note to self - congrats to Mrs Hyde, becca and ib for...........................................after I came back too, I reviewed Dad's post to be certain. He included me in the same sentence that he spoke of Mrs Hyde (A Bitch Called Mom) and Becca (My Life). And now, I have to do something. Oh crap, I have to do something. But what? Motivation? Crap? I'm motivationally intolerant. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

And now, I sit here, lacking motivation, still. I am waiting for Dad to tell me what I am to do now and how I must share this honor. I AM JACK'S UNMOTIVATED WIENER.

While we are on the topic of wiener's, on Zemanta, one of the "Content Recommendations" that is of "related" content to this post is, and I kid you not,

Ballerina Survives 'Wiener-Gate'
This story is brought to us by our friends at A ballerina somewhere on the planet earth posed nude for Wiener Magazine (W.T.F.) and was fired by her ballerina-ing boss at the Vienna State Opera, only to be re-hired by the Vienna State Opera and that same boss. If you care, at all, you can follow this story on Twitter.

Again, thanks to Dad at Unsound Reasoning for bringing attention to this massacre. I won't let you down.


bruce said...

hey bro! thanks for the mention! great post!
i love the check list...
and the RD reference on Jacks weiner...LOL

congrats on the award...

bruce johnson jadip
stupid stuff i see and hear
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the guy book

ib said...

Thanks Bruce, I'll be getting back to you shortly.

Mynx said...

Hello, just popped in from Dad's blog. Congrats on recieving "The Pav". If you need some help on what it is all about, feel free to pop in on my blog. Know a little bit about it hehe.


Drake Sigar said...

Sometimes I find it hard enough to catch up on blogs when staying out of the loop for a single day. Unless it’s a weekend, few people seem to post then.

Jumble Mash said...

I haven't killed the snow...yet.

And I so heart you for mentioning me. And making a reference to Fight Club.

ib said...

JM, if you enjoy Fight Club references, then you will get a few more. I loved that movie and there was alot of interesting dialect, like, "you hit in fucking ear"