Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, Good Riddence

So long 2010. I cannot say that I am sad to see you go away. You were difficult and I know that your not done yet. You may be taking a dirt nap, but, you have passed the torch to 2011, and I believe it will be just as much of an ass hat as you were, through the month of March anyway.

And to my new found friends here on Blogger. I pray that the new year brings you all good fortune. Be safe. Be well, drink a brew for me.

God Bless,


Chief aka Dad said...

Not really sure why people expect the world to change on New Years Day....pretty sure tomorrow is gonna be a repeat of today...regardless of what the calendar says :-) The best to you and your family...not because it's New Years...just because I wish you the best.

bruce said...


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i think you ought to guest post on the guy book!!!

i will drink more than one for you my new friend!


Happy New Year!
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Drake Sigar said...

So true. It's just a date, things aren't going to instantly be great. I call that Obama Syndrome.

Mynx said...

Happy New year to you. I hope it brings you better days

becca said...

happy new year hope 2011 is all you want it to be

ib said...

Drake, I agree. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I still have the same pile o' poop on my plate that was there 13 hours ago. Now, I have to get used to putting 2011 on checks when paying bills.

Mynx, thank you for the well wishes. Happy New Year to you also. I do hope that this finds you well.

Becca, thanks. Happy New Year to you also. If 2011 is a even just a smidge better than 2010, I will take it. Hope all is well around your way.

Jumble Mash said...

Happy New Year. Here's to things looking up in 2011.