Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Morning Freak Show

"Go, go, go, go, on an adventure, in the the thinga-ma-jigger, were up & away!"

Could somebody put me out of my misery? Please? I have the theme song for The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That, stuck in my head. Truth be told, I enjoy me some Dr. Suess and the time that my daughter and I spend together watching said show, but since yesterday, I have been unable to shake the  theme song from my memory. And unfortunately, it does not stop at The Cat.

"Flip the thing-a-ma-whizzer!"

Dinosaur Train, which is about a family of Pteranodons that jump aboard a train that can travel back into time via a time tunnel, in order to learn about the different species of dinosaur that populated the earth during the Mesozoic Era's three seperate time periods. (Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous) It is interesting fodder for a kid, I imagine, because dinosaurs are cool. And, to some extent, it is interesting for adults as well. I must admit that I am a little bit leery of Mrs Pteranodon. During the opening theme song, you find out that there are four eggs that hatch. The first three are Don, Tiny and Shiny, which are all pteranodons, naturally. The fourth egg, however, hatches out pops Buddy, who happens to be a tyrannosaurus. Nobody questions this. If I were Mr. Pteranodon, I'd be like, "Lucy, choo got sum splaining to do." But instead, they carry on like nothing is abnormal and proceed to the dinosaur train on a family vacation.

And then, there is Martha Speaks, which is about a dog that, and get this, eats vegetable soup and instead of the noodle letters being digested, they somehow travel to her brain, giving her the ability to speak. This, in my humble opinion, is just plain creepy and if my daughter did not enjoy watching it as much as she does, I would not have a problem skipping over it. But, as it turns out, my little girl has me wrapped around that teeny little thumb and she gets her way.

Finally, there is Curious George. Again, I don't mind this one either. George was a pal of mine back in the day. He is the same old George, only the George of today is HD. He is still curious, (duh) and when something happens that could get him into big trouble, he always "accidentally" finds a way to fix whatever it is that he broke. In most cities, the Man w/the Yellow Hat would get an ass whooping because it is not natural to own a monkey, and treat said monkey like a child. I am now more interested in Man, only because he seems to have, what I would deem a clear cut case of O.C.D. Don't believe me? Watch him. You will agree in my diagnosis. Besides, I can smell my own.

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