Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let it Begin, LET IT BEGIN !!!!!!!

Hello and welcome!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun is shining, it's Week 1 of the NFL season, the Browns MAY be on the right track and I was privy to my neighbor lecturing his child over the phone. It was a productive lecture I am sure, complete with a plethora of various "f--- this", "f--- that", "you better get your f'in s--- together", "get your f'in grades up" and my personal favorite, "this is my house f'in house your f'in up and stealin' s--- from". Ah yes, a wonderful day indeed. 

Okay, minus the last part. I am thrilled that my daughter was inside. It has been twenty minutes and I can still here him fathering away. But, I football is here.

Yesterday was a splendid day. I played in a golf tournament with my Pa (which we won by the way) enjoyed all you can eat chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken and caught the second half of THE Ohio State trouncing thug U, oh, I mean, U of Miami. A week's worth of the coach trash talking did nothing but piss off a Buckeye Nation and the team. And what do "the U" have to show for the trek to Columbus? A loss at The Shoe. Now, if only the Brownies can start the season with a win, all of Ohio and my family in Indiana will truly be on the proverbial cloud nine. Speaking of which, I wanted to ask if anyone could shed light on the illustration below. I'm off to drop of the kid at Grandma's house and then redirect auto to watch the game with the rest of the backers.

The above picture is a size comparison of man next to that of a Utahraptor of the late Cretaceous time period. I ask that you not look at the size difference between the two or the the sickle claw that is believed to be used to pierce vital organs of the Raptors victim. But, focus on the hand of the human. My question is one that I hope you help me in answering. Is the human waving as a gesture to say hello or has he noticed the large death machine closing in and knows that he is about to become dinner? Luckily, they favored Chinese, as the majority of fossils have been located in Asia.


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