Sunday, September 05, 2010

It is time. O-H !!!!!

There is chill in the air this morning. The leaves have began the journey to the grass below. It is beginning to look, smell, feel, like Fall. This is my absolute, favorite time of year, for many reasons. But one reason stands out from the rest. Football. While growing up, my Dad made sure that I was into the sport. See, he grew up in Northeast Ohio. A Buckeye, A Brown. He played football in high school. That is just what kids did/do. Looking back, I wish I would have tried my hand at football but, it would be soccer that would consume a good amount of my time.

Thursday night, the college football season kicked off and saw my beloved Buckeyes beat the life out of Marshall, 45 - 7. Nice start to the season, now if only the Browns could get it rolling. There would be pandemonium in this household. Currently, the Bucks are ranked # 2 in division 1a behind 'Bama. Posts will get more intense as the season progresses and the games get more intense. This was just a ho hum game to shake off the cob webs.  The real season will begin next weekend when Miami shows face at The Shoe. 


Go Bucks.


M. A. S. said...

Ah... Football. I must admit I am a bit excited to see my World Champion New Orleans Saints open the NFL season on Thursday. I shouldn't forget about LSU either.

ib said...


Tis' the season and it could not have arrived soon enough for me. I, on the pro level, root for the Browns. I know, they stink. The time's are a changin' though. Bob Dylan said so. Ohio State is my college of choice. My family is from Ohio, it was sacrilegious to root for any other teams.

Here's to the continued success of the Saint's and a climb back to prominence for the Tigers.