Monday, September 13, 2010

I Am Starting to Sense a Theme.....

So..I must begin by correcting my post from yesterday concerning my neighbors subtle way of mentoring his children. His child was not on the phone like earlier stated. He, along with four or five more of his siblings were sitting on the deck in front of him while he railed on them with four letter words. I was totally off when I said he was doing this over the phone. My bad !!
It also turns out that my optimism concerning the Browns was completely misguided and childish. I allowed myself to get excited, again, only to be Delhomme-inized. They played well through three quarters, but like The Baccalaureate, they gave up the booty inside the last ten minutes of the contest. I still have the Buckeyes, so life is not a total loserfest. I'm only three quarters of a loser. And what is worse, my dad is a homer too, so, if my math is right, and I know it is because I obsessively recheck it to leave no doubt, he has dealt with this heartbreak for close to fifty five years. On top of that, he fathered my sisters and I. That man is made of admantium, wolfie berserker style. 

What else, let's see. Hey, not sure if anyone was aware of this, but, the Cleveland Browns suck. Oh, I bad. If I could get the chance, I would so give Jake The Wuxi (Wu-she) Finger.  

I have also been reminded of why it is that I HATE the MEDIA. It started sometime ago but it really developed into a full fledged issue on 09-11. I was disgusted with the news media continuously replaying the scene. I can't imagine what it would have been like for an unfortunate family member of one of the victims. That is why I don't tune into the news much. I don't hide away from the on goings of this world but I try to limit my intake. Why subject myself to all of the evil in this world? I know it's there, I don't need to be shown the gory details in color corrected and enhanced in high def. Besides, I've got enough crap floating around in my brain. If I were to watch the news, it would be the same as throwing water on a grease fire. But I'm not bitter.

Enjoy The Skadoosh!

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bruce said...

found you thru can u relate...jumped thru a few posts...

you are a browns fan?

i am a lions fan...

football sucks..


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