Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dave & Defeating Doubt

I must begin by apologizing to those of you that follow this blog. I have no excuses for my lack of postage. One would assume that regular posting would be a normal occurrence for one who has been medically diagnosed with having O.C.D., but as you are all aware, I can be an obsessive slacker, and for that, I blame the Cleveland Browns. The way I see it, is if the Browns can quit playing before the final gun, I can go a week without posting.
Okay, so maybe that excuse is bunk. Just because the Browns give up the booty every week, does not admonish me from my civil duty to post more frequently.
For those of you who do not have an elephant's memory, I was dealing with a bout of depression during my last post and for the most part, I feel better, but there is still something that I can't shake. I will admit, that my faith has been lacking and I believe that the majority of my anxiety is because of it. My wife and daughter stayed the night with Nana last night, so after I got off of work, I had the house all to myself. Finally, a full night of sleep in my own bed. And boy, I needed it. (After proofreading, I must add that it is not my wife that requests me to sleep on the couch. That would be my daughter. She kicks me to the curb, so she can sleep with mommy. That's cool though, as it is all part of being a daddy, I suppose. I am also a gamer and find it hard to rest until I get my Darts fix on Game Point.
Now, some of you are wondering who this Dave is, and why he is in this posts title.
Dave DeSelm is the Teaching Pastor at the Church that my wife and I attend. He is an engaging preacher and it is when life seems to be getting the best of me, Dave seems to find a way to hit me smack dab in the tenders with his lessons. Staying true to form, he hit his target yet again this morning. I didn't go to Church, but I did get on the web and watch the recorded version replay of the morning service. He might as well have been sitting in my family room, as it seemed that he was talking right to me, as is often the case. The lesson was about faith and how, even the most staunch believer, may at times during his/her walk, experience doubt. I will not try to summarize his lesson but the following link will get you there if you are interested in hearing it.

So, although I may be letting life's setbacks nip away at me, I choose to have faith in Jesus and the sacrifice he made at Calvary for You and I, so that we may be cleansed of our sins and dwell in His Father's Kingdom, when our days here on earth, are done. I pray that this finds you well.

Thanks for stopping in.

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